Alyssa is just your average teenage girl who lives with her mom. Her parents were recently divorced since her father was an abusive, alcoholic. She was just coming home from summer camp when her mom left her in the car alone and something unexpected happens. Read to find out what will happen to Alyssa in this crazy cabin in the middle of the woods.


2. Day 2

I jolt awake by the sound of movement outside my room. I must've dozed off. 
I sit upright on the uncomfortable bed, my back popping with every move. I look around the dark room. It has no windows and only 1 door. 
I hear the sound of footsteps outside my door. The blonde man walks into my room. He looks angry. 
"Gus bailed on this one. I guess it's just you and me now" he says. I guess Gus was the other man. 
"I'm Austin." he says.  
"I'm... I'm Alyssa," I say awkwardly. He throws me a Twinkie. 
"Here's breakfast," he says. I quickly eat the Twinkie. I'm starving. He forcefully grabs my wrist and drags me into the hall. He takes me to the living room and throws me on the couch. Austin grabs the video camera and places it right in front of me. He sits behind the camera and presses record. 
"Say hi to you mom, Alyssa!" I try my hardest not to cry. I sit silently on the couch staring at the camera. 
"Say hi, Alyssa." he says, more forceful this time. 
"Hi mom!" I say. "I really wish I could see you right now. I miss you. Don't worry. I'm fine. I'll make it mom." A tear rolls down my cheek. I know my mom will be worried. For gods sake she probably already has the whole state of California searching for me!
"Want your daughter back? All you have to do is give me $100,000 in cash. Think you can do that? Bring the money Friday night to the gas station where you last saw your daughter at midnight. Come alone. Or your daughter will pay." With this, he shoots a gun at the couch right next to where I am sitting. I scream and start crying my eyes out. 
"MOM. PLEASE SAVE ME!" I scream and he stops recording. Austin comes and sits next to me. 
"Shhhh. Shhhh. Don't cry." he says and wraps his arms around me. 
"GET OFF OF ME!" I yell and yank myself away from his grasp. He slaps me. 
"Don't ever do that again!" he yells. All the memories of my past come rushing back. My dad kicking, hitting, slapping, hurting me and my mom. I slide to the floor and cry. Austin walks past me and kicks me in the side. He sighs and stomps to the kitchen. I stay lying on the ground, wishing I could be home with my mom right now. 
I stay, laying on the floor. My eyes hurt from crying. My stomach is throbbing with pain. I can only imagine the red mark he left on my face. I hear Austin's footsteps walking towards me. 
"Get up," he says forcefully. I slowly lift my body up from the floor. I'm light headed from crying so much. I look down at the ground so he can't see my face. He lifts my chin up strongly and a stream of tears fall from my eyes. He hands me 2 ice packs. One for my face and one for my stomach. He lifts my shirt up a little, revealing my scars. I quickly pull it back down. 
"What are those?" he asks me. Not in the caring sort of way. But in a way where he would shoot me if I didn't answer. 
"Nothing," I whisper. 
"What are they?!" he yells. 
"My dad. Ok? He used to beat me. He hurt me. He abused me. You happy now?" I yell and stomp back to the room I was staying in, slamming to door shut behind me. 

After about 2 hours of me sitting in the room thinking, Austin walks in and tells me dinner is ready. I walk out and sit down at the small table. A small dinner of Mac and cheese is set out for me. I eat it slowly, making sure there's nothing in it. Once I finish, I put the bowl in the sink. 
"I will be right back. I'm taking this over to your mother. Don't try to escape or else you'll be crying much harder than you were earlier." Austin says with a stern look in his eye. He is holding a tape. it must be the video from earlier.I nod my head and watch him walk out the front door. I sit down on the couch and look around. I think of how I will escape from this awful place. I walk over to the front door and surprisingly, he forgot to lock it. "How stupid can he be?" I think and giggle to myself. I open the front door a little, making sure he is gone. It's dark outside, so I grab the flashlight on the counter and walk out. I walk towards the street, glad I have escaped. I walk along the side of the road waiting for something. A store, a restaurant, anything. 
After what seemed like an hour, I saw a gas station up ahead. I start jogging towards it. Hopefully I will be able to call 911. I walk through the doors and see a lady standing by the cash register. I start making my way towards her when all of the sudden I hear my name. 
"Alyssa?" The voice sounded so familiar. I slowly turn around and see Austin standing behind me smiling. He has an evil grin on his face. I glance over at the lady behind the cash register. I look at what he's holding and I see rope, duct tape, some scissors, and a knife. I gasp loudly and the lady looks at me. 
"Is everything alright?" she asks. I was about to say something when Austin interrupted. 
"Yes everything's fine, Linda" he says. 
"Oh hello Austin! I see you've got another girl! How much this time?" she asks. My eyes widen. She knows about Austin kidnapping. There's no way I can get help now! We are the only people in the store! The only thing I can think of is to start screaming. I scream at the top of my lungs and start running in the opposite direction of both of them. I look back and see Austin chasing me and the cashier laughing. I trip on something in the aisle and fall flat on my face. Austin jumps on top of me and wraps his hand around my mouth. I start crying again as he forcefully picks me up from the ground and drags me towards the front of the store. He pushes me onto the ground and picks up the duct tape. I start crawling towards the doors, too weak to stand. 
"Oh no you don't," Austin says. He kicks me in the side and I roll over in pain. He covers my mouth with a piece of duct tape. Linda walks in circles around me, inspecting me. Austin angrily ties my hands in the back. 
"Your gonna be sorry," Austin says as he tightens the rope around my wrists one last time.  Linda carries his bag of stuff while Austin drags me towards his van. He throws me in the back and I struggle to sit up. He glares at me then takes his bag of stuff to the front. 
"Thanks Linda," he says. 
"Anytime! Watch out for this one. She's stubborn" she says and walks back into the gas station. Austin walks around the car to where I am. He stares at me for a minute before he slaps me as hard as he can. I let out a muffled scream and he slams the doors shut. 
"You shouldn't have done that." he says as he climbs in the front seat. He starts driving really fast back towards the cabin. I roll around the back of the van with every sharp turn. I sob and wonder what I did to deserve this. 
Austin drags me in the cabin and throws me on the floor. I try to scream but the duct tape muffles it. He kicks me in the stomach and I shriek in pain. He bends down and slaps me again. He punches me in the face and I feel blood trickle out of my nose. Somehow, the duct tape falls off. 
"Please.... Stop..." I say, gasping for air. With this he chuckles. 
"Oh I'm just getting started." 
The last thing I remember was Austin punching me, then total darkness. 

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to publish chapter 2! Comment what you think below! Thank you for being patient.

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