Alyssa is just your average teenage girl who lives with her mom. Her parents were recently divorced since her father was an abusive, alcoholic. She was just coming home from summer camp when her mom left her in the car alone and something unexpected happens. Read to find out what will happen to Alyssa in this crazy cabin in the middle of the woods.


3. Chains

Alyssa POV

I wake up with a severe headache. I try to sit up but there is something holding me down. I wiggle my arms and legs. Chains.  "I see your finally awake." I jump a little as Austin walks over to me. He touches my cheek with his hand. I wince in pain. There must be a bruise because he seems pleased by his work. He bends down so he is closer to my face. He stares into my eyes for a minute before leaning in to kiss me. I quickly turn my head away and squeeze my eyes shut. He slaps my cheek and a tear rolls down my face as the stinging pain increases.  "I love you, Alyssa. Do you love me?" Austin asks me.  "No. I don't love you and never will. I hate you. I HATE YOU!!" I yell back at him. He turn around and leans his head up against the wall. He yells and punches the wall as hard as he can, leaving a hole. I feel my body trembling as he turns back to face me.  "That will change, Alyssa. You will love me. I will break you. I'm gonna get into that pretty little mind of yours and make you love me," he says and with that he stomps out the door.  I lay on the bed, my body still shaking from what just happened. Austin walks back in with a plate of eggs and bacon. He sets it down on the floor, walks over to me, and unlocks the chains around my wrist. He picks me up and sets me down on the floor. I'm tiny for my age. I'm 16 but I look like I should be in middle school. I used to be anorexic so I am also really skinny. No wonder he can pick me up with no effort.  I stare at the eggs like they are some sort of poison. Austin slaps me again.  "Eat," he says and I slowly take a bite of the eggs. I can't lie, he is an amazing chef. But only lord knows what he put in them. After I finish the plate, Austin leaves, locking the door behind him. He leaves my hands unchained but my feet are still chained to the bed.  I sit on my bed and look around the room. Something's different about it. Austin took everything out of the room except for the bed. I stand up and walk around the small room. I come across the hole Austin made in the wall. I start to inspect it. It's a pretty big hole, considering he punched it really hard. I see a tiny sliver of light and I have to do a double take to realize what it was. A hole. Austin punched the wall so hard, be punched a hole  completely through the wall. I lean in closer to see what's on the other side. It's hard to see since the hole is so small but I can almost make out the form of trees. I can get out. I have finally found a way out! My eyes tear up and a small smile creeps across my lips.  "I'm getting out," I whisper. I hear footsteps coming near my door. What if he finds out about the hole? I look to the floor and find a piece of rubble. I pick it up and stick it through the hole. All better. I sit down on the floor, leaning up against the bed. Austin walks through the door with a set of keys.  "I'm sorry," he says. "I think I've been a bit harsh on you. With the chains and all." With this, he unlocks the chains that connect me to the bed. The chains that keep me from escaping.  "Thank you," I whisper. He nods.  "Well, I'm going to the store. I'll see you soon. No monkey business. Or you will be seriously punished." he says the last part with a glare. I listen as he slams his car door and drives away from the house. I stand up and walk over to the hole. This is my only chance. I use all my strength and punch the hole as hard as I can. I yelp in pain. Nothing happens. I punch the wall again. And again. And again. Soon enough, my knuckles are bleeding and I am lying on the floor in pain. I stand up and start picking at the hole. Sure enough, small pieces begin to fall off. After a while, I have managed to create a hole big enough to fit through. I slide through the hole and land face first on the gravel. Smooth. I start walking towards the road. I walk for a really long time. I walk until my legs can bare,y hold my body. After what seemed like an hour of nonstop walking and running, I decide to try and hitch hike. My mother always told me this was the worst thing to do. That I may get kidnapped or killed. I think this is the only exception.  Every car speeds past, not wanting to pick up a bruised and bloody stranger.  Right when I am about to give up, a car slows down right in front of me.  "get in" a males voice comes from inside the car. I gratefully open the door and slide in. Their are 5 men in the car, all of which are staring at me.  "Where ya headed?" an Irish one asks. "Sacremento" I reply, out of breath.  "You're a long way from home now aren't ya?" I nod and look down in my lap. "Can I borrow a phone please?" I ask. One with brown hair slides his phone over to me. I quickly dial in 911.  "hello what is your emergency?" a lady answers "I would like to file a kidnapping" I reply, my voice shaky. "What is your location?" the lady asks.  "Where are we?" I ask the boys. I was so busy talking to the lady I didn't notice the car stop. "Give us the phone." the one driving says sternly. I look at the boys, a good expression on my face.  "GIVE ME THE GOD DAMNED PHONE!" I jump a little as he yells, causing me to drop the iPhone onto the floor of the car. I look down and notice I am still on the phone with the police.  "HEL-" I start to scream but one of the boys clamps his hand over my mouth. A boy picks up the phone and hangs up. He then dials another number.  "Hey Austin. We've found your girl on the road." a tear rolls down my cheek. No. This cannot be happening. He hangs up and the hand is removed from my mouth.  "Please. Don't take me back. I can't take it. Please don't take me back." I cry. Silence.  "Please. I'll let you take me. I'll behave, please, I'm begging you." I plead.  "Shut the hell up." The one driving demands. Right then, I lose it. I let out every tear I have been holding in. I ball my eyes out.  "Hey babe. It's ok" the Irish one says.  "F*ck you!" i scream. That is the last thing I remember before being knocked out. 


A/N- hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I'm gonna try to start updating every week. What do you think is going to happen? Are you liking the story? Leave a comment about what you think:)
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