Old life , New life ,Same life ,MY LIFE

who new a life could change in the matter of seconds....................( NOT A TRUE STORY) :-)


1. Bye life

"Bella get down here !" my mom said 

"yes Heather" i said back

me and my mom don't have the best relationship.

i walked into the kitchen and there was Ralph my gerbil laying on the floor upside-down and my mom was on the counter with a knife in her hand looking at Ralph. 

"WHAT DID YOU DO" i yelled looking at Ralph then at her then at Ralph again

"i told you if he got out his cage again i would kill him"

you-you murder i said studdering over my words

i know this sounds desperate but Ralph was the only one i could tell anything to he was like my best friend.your probably wondering where my dad is well hes always on  a business trip somewhere and my mother and dad got a divorce when i was nine im now  thirteen 

"im leaving" i said 

"no you cant i have full custody of you" she said 

"really watch me." i pulled out  my phone and called my dad 

"hey dad where are you" i asked him

"um sweetheart im in Australia"

"ok see you in bit" i said perkily ( not sure if that's a word ) and hung u before he could protest

i went up stairs and packed everything i had into a suitcase i put Ralph in a plastic bag and into my suitcase too i know its disgusting but i wasn't ready to let go............yet .he is the only thing i have or had right now . 

i walked downstairs only to find my mom snogging with her new boyfriend 

im glad you love me i said and walked outside into the cold fall weather it was pouring down rain and all i had on was a short sleeve shirt and jeans 

now to introduce myself im Isabella Marie Sanchez  or Bella for short im thirteen and a loner i love music and love to write  but that's basically all about me,i know boring right.......................................  i finally reached the airport and  bought a ticket to Australia......................... bye bye old life hello new life





A/N um hi again please tell me what you think.......... this is the story i was talking about for people who read my movella love hurts and if you haven't read it please do well that's all bubye o and one direction will be in it you just have to wait!.....:):):)


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