You can be mine if I can be yours

3 Girls move to London to live with one of their Uncleand Aunt who are really rich. That's when it all started 1 year later.


1. The move

Me and the girls get off the plane and walk out into the crowed this is all our first times in London. I was looking for my Uncle Rob and Joyce. Oh sorry I haven't really introduced my self well I'm Geena ( pronounced like Gina just spelled differently). I have moved to London with two of my best friends Rachel and Natalie. They are both sisters and I have a brother but he is back in California (Cali for short) any how he is happily married I'm four years younger than him he is 22. Well we all decide me and the girls decided to move here and we really didn't have any money yet so I have an Uncle and Aunt that are going to let us stay with them until we have enough money to move into our own apartment. So me and the girls went to baggage claim, found our bags and walked outside. We were waiting and then this limo pulled up and two looking lovely nice people walked out. Then did I realize that it was my Aunt and Uncle sorry did I mention that they were really wealthy. I got up and walked to them. " hey Aunt Joyce and Uncle Rob". They both turned around almost in unison. "Oh why hello Geena how are you and your friends." " how was your ride here"." Quit bumpy actually"." Oh I see we'll com com lets get to the flat". More like mansion I whispered to the girls as we grabbed our bags and put them in our trunk. We all piled into the limo and drove off to the mansion. Aunt Joyce tolled the guy that opened our door for us to grab our bags a to follow her. He just nodded. We all walked in,in aw she showed us to our rooms all ours being the same size. I opened up my closet and saw that there was another door I walked in there and saw there was a like whole living room and then another door. I went through the door and there was like a whole recording studio full of instruments. Dam she new me so well. "You like it" I heard a voice saw from behind me I turned around and saw my Uncle in the doorway. "Yeah I do". "Good because where going to our other smaller house in Cheshire". Wait your leaving the house to us I said they just nodded their head and gave me a key.the house is all yours now you don't have to go living in a smelly apartment and plus we have been waiting to sell this house and when you called and told us you were going to live here with some friends we decided to give the house to you and your friends. Hope you like it because we are going now.
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