You can be mine if I can be yours

3 Girls move to London to live with one of their Uncleand Aunt who are really rich. That's when it all started 1 year later.


2. The meeting

*1 year later*

*Rachels POV*

I walk into my room again and change into my purple Toms some black jean shorts a see through black shirt with a pink under shirt on, I was going to Starbucks so I can look for a job for a whole year we have been living off of the money that we got, but we are all getting really tired of doing pretty much nothing all day so we decided we would get a job. Geena well she was a very dancer so she want to see if she can open a dance studio. My sister Natalie is a really good volleyball player and well she now has a traveling team and works for this place called shockwave. Me I'm really good at gymnastics and well maybe I was thinking I could open a gymnastics lesson thingy right next to Geena's and Natalie's place. I was walking to Starbucks wit my phone and wallet and stand in line. ~my turn~ I would like a Tall Iced xtra Carmel Macchiato (ma-key-auto). Please. What's your name. Rach. K ur order will come when they call your name. ~2 min. Later~
Rach! I got up and grabbed my cup just as I was turning I hit somebody luckily my drink didn't spill all over me. I looked up to see who is was and we both said sorry. I stepped to the side so I could walk out and before I could step any further he said so maybe I will see you around we both agreed. I walked out and looked back at him, but I didn't see him so I walked home.
~At home~

Where were you! Geena said as I walked in.
At Starbucks
Oh I see so you didn't bother to get me anything.
I decided I would go to sleep anyhow since I'm really tired.
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