the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


8. what happened

i woke up to the sun beams in my eyes squinting i pull the pillow over my head then i sat up and looked around... OMG WHERE AM I! i look at the floor and see a pair of pants and a shirt. omg i had sex with a stranger while i was drunk omg omg omg omg

"good morning sleepyhead" said the mystery man in pajamas with a tray of pancakes orange juice and advil.

"harry what the hell happened last night" i would get up and pace but im pretty sure i would fall over

"you were shitfaced and some guy was gonna bang you."

"who was the guy?"

"some freak his name is austin"

"awesome i thought he was nice"

"yeah no..,. he is a dick"

"i dont like you but thank you my mother would have killed me if i came home drunk." i sniif around "omg i smell like cheap beer and tequila"

he grabs a pair of basket ball shorts and a tee shirt. " the bathroom is down the hall on the right the towels are under the sink

"thanks" i get up and take a shower i came back laughing

"what is so funny" he laughed wearily

"you have this concert tee too!" i said pointing at the ramones tee. it smells like him... damn i am falling for him

"yeah i like them and there tees are cool" he said laying back down

i lay beside him and look at the ceiling "why are you so sweet?"

"because im hot and i have curly hair"

"and you are soo modest"

"jealous of my hair?"

"wait a lil bit my hair will be way curlier" i laugh he hold my hand and i look at him smiling. stop hannah dont fall for him hes a player.... my thoughts were interrupted by his mother walking in

"well hello there hannah"

"hey i was just leaving, harry i will return your clothes later, thanks again" i say with a smile and walk out of the door

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