the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


6. surprise guest

i walked in my house and saw my mom wasnt home yet so i thought to myself that i had about four hurs to get ready so i went upstairs and took a shower i let my hair air dry, i put on my leggings and a big british flag sweater and some uggs. i walked downstairs to get some food. i was starved i didnt have anything for lunch, bad choice.

i went to the kitchen and i grabbed a bowl, some cinnamon toast crunch some milk and turned on pandora as i started to eat dance and sing simultaneously i heard the doorbell which scared the crap out of me, maybe mom forgot her key. i walked wearily to the door with my cereal still in my hand.

i opened the door shocked

"hey we, im anne and this is harry, are your new neighbow is your mother here"

i looked at harry annoyed "actually she is oulling in the driveway now so come on in"

"thank you, so it seems you and harry have met"

"yes ma'am" as i said that my mother walked in god bless her soul

"hannah honey who is this?" my mom said as she walked in

"these are our neighbors, Anne and her son we go to school together"

"cool let me talk to anne for a moment go show harry your room, keep the door open." she replied in a joking tone

"mother im not a whore" i walked upstairs harry following me like a lost puppy.

"this is your room?"

"no this is the pedophile room hence the bikini pics of my friends and i"

he laughed "oh right, thats weird our balconies are strangely close, that means we could sneak in and out" he winked at me. manwhore.

"i have to get ready sit wherever"

he laid out on my bed and i went to my closet i was deciding between leather shorts or a purple dress i laid the two things on  the bed. he looked at me and got this grin on his face that i cant explain.

"the shorts" he said immediately

"okay..." i say putting the dress back grabbing some jeffrey cambell spiked litas and a bright red tube top and a military style leather jacket i heat up my flat iron, i notice harry staring at me.


"nothing youre just so hot, i want you"

"you have sierra"

"shes just a friend with benefits."

"too bad im not that kinda girl"

"aww your a good girl"

i look at my outfit and laugh to my self and proceed to straighten my hair. a hour later harry and i had small talk no big deal hes arrogant and i cant stand it.


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