the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


9. studio

i walked into my house and yelled for my mother. no answer she must be at work i go to the kitchen where i found a note saying: "honey, i had to leave early for work go to the studio the address is 101 pennbrooke road, have a good day."


i went upstairs where i changed in to booty shorts and kept harry's tee and tucked it in and put on a pair of supras, i look out the window and notice harry sitting on his bed looking through mine i open the balcony door and go outside where he gets on his balcony

"hey" said harry


''so youre still wearing my shirt'' he said with a smirk

''yup i actually have to go.'' i said sadly

''how about we hang out later tonight, a movie, dinner?''

''okay'' i said with a smile i walked inside and closed the door and headed off to the studio


when i arrived at the studio i told the woman at the front desk my name an told me to go to the second floor and find room b13

i left and found it immediately everything was numbered and organized so it wasnt hard. i walked in to the light blue room with silver accents with a sound board couch windows a microphone a keyboard a guitar a drum set and more i put down my bag which had all my music and i picked up the guitar and my notebook and started writing 'hey stephen' i thought it would be best not to use a real name for harry being that he is famous. i started singing and writing-- 'cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help I if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
I can't help myself

Hey Stephen, I've been holding back this feeling
So I've got some things to say to you
I seen it all so I thought but I never seen nobody shine the way you do
The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name
It's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change
Hey Stephen, why are people always leaving
I think you and I should stay the same-- i was preparing for the next verse when the door swung open and 5 handsome boys walked in.....

"hey..." i said awkwardly then i saw harry then it hit me its one direction you would think i would know

"hey hannah" liam said

harry walked over to hug me "hey"

i hugged back and whispered "i have a hangover"

he whispers "youre wearing my shirt"

i pulled away and laughed "what are yall doing in here?"

"management" they all said in unisom

the management team theirs and mine walked in "good you met" said barbra my manger shes a pain in my ass

''yeah we all go to school together" i replied

"the teams have thought about it and we need one of the boys to date you for publicity" barbra replied

i almost choked "am i really that undesirable that you need to set me up barbra"

she laughed coldly "this is not a joke, we need you to date either harry or niall"

" i am not using either of them for publicity thats rude and im not that type of girl'

"harry it is niall needs to stay single" she said

harry niall and i all practically yelled "WHAT!?!''

''we have talked with your mother she thinks yall have hit it off yall will be spending two weeks in apartment to bond the you will go public" barbra said calmly

" how dare you choose who im going to date last time i checked you are not . you know what fuck this" i gather my stuff and walk out harry follows me

"you dont like me?" he said sadly
"no i do like you i just dont want them thinking they won"

"then lets do it and pretend we hate eachother in front of them, living together cant be that bad" he pulled me back in the room

"fine i will do it but someone has to help me repack!"




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