the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


2. oh hell no!

as i got to my locker, i looked around and saw some girl with straight blond hair and a guy with curly hair pratically having sex on my locker.

i walked over and cleared my throat, when they didnt bugde i said in a loud angry tone "excuse me horndogs, thats my locker".

as they pulled away you could hear a pen drop. no way in hell is sierra troy standing in front of me. i hate her that stupid hoe i cannot believe this! fuck my life!

"lookie! its lil hannah banana, boo is this your locker!?!".sierra said in a sarcastic tone.

i could feel the anger building "sierra if you could move the makeout seesion over seven inches i will be out of your hair"

as thy moved i grabbed my stuff and started walking away.

i turned back around " hey yall! dont forget protection" as i threw a condom at them. yes i had ONE with me, yes im a VIRGIN, you just never know!


I walked to first period, great math, i hated math even though it is my best class, i still have to introduce myself

i opened the door, i heard a few guys whistle " youre late" said mrs combs

"yes ma'am i had to wait at the office"

"name" she replied

"hannah taylor" i heard people whispering in the back ground

"nice a new student and as i can tell by your accent you are from the south"

"yes ma'am, georgia."

"thats great tell us about yourself"

"im 16, i model, i am working on some music and... and... and... i... live with my mom?" great way to emberass yourself hannah

"take a seat by mr. payne" a nice looking boy in the back raised his hand he seems nice.... not my type but nice.



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