the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


10. let it begin

two days later i was all packed up i walked out of my closet and there harry was laying on my bed posing

"cute. now grab a bag"

"i know im cute, babe"

"dont call me babe'

two hours later we arrived to the new house, we are being pulled out of school for this little 'project'. i walked inside and noticed there is only one bedroom...seriously i thought parents wanted virgin children... now you wonder why people get knocked up like its no big deal. i start piling all the bags in the room with the help of the other boys and i start unpack my clothes and change, i walk by the staircase and hear someone talking

'' yeah yeah yeah i understand what i am supposed to do fall in love and get hurt whatever just fuck off'' woah wtf who was harry talking to. is he going to break my heart on purpose. great i thought my mom and my manager cared about me... i was wrong.

i go back upstairs and put the sheets on the huge king bed... bow chicka mow mow;).

i lay down and harry bust through the doors and i dont say anything to him i just look at the cieling he hovers on top me and looks into my eyes.

"what are you doing, harry" i say coldly with a major attitude

"having some fun, hannah, whats your problem'' he kisses my shoulder

i move out from under him and walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on i get in and i cant help but cry. i cant believe i fell for him with all this we will show them how much we hate each other but secretly be happily together. bullshit. his green eyes pierced through me like swords leaving me open like a book and he will make me fall in love then break me into pieces i cant explain how this feels other than being stabbed by a green dagger right in the heart. i keep crying until i run out of tears i get out of the shower i put on pjs and go downstairs to get food.

"hannah what did i do"

i look at him with red eyes full of sorrow "youre just break my heart like all the other girls, for what? to maintain your bad boy reputation?? guesss what, whatever "this" *i said pointing at us* is OVER i want these two weeks to go by quickly" i grab a granola bar go upstairs and lock the bedroom door. i hate him.


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