the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


5. i know i was rude

i could see the shock in everyones eyes... i stand up slowly and clear my throat looking down

"take a seat right there on the front row right in the middle i think we just founded our soloist"

"wait!you cant thats me you cant replace m mrs byrnes!! omg no way" said sierra completely shocked and upset. boom! kiss my ass bitch!

"sorry shes better now move and lets get started" after class i walk to my locker that curly haired boy was standing by my locker, was he waiting for me? where do i know those eyes from..

"harry styles"

hannah taylor"

"why are you here" he said in a cheeky tone i knew he was looking down my shirt... you could say i was really short

"im a model and what are you? an arrogant piece of shit from england?"

"not a fan"

"fan? of what?

"seriously? one direction?"

" yeah i am definately not wasting wasting my time on your music"


i know i was rude but i just walked away i have to go get ready for the party


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