the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


11. harry's pov

i cannot believe management is doing this maybe i can change there minds last minute... i really like her, for the first time i really like soomeone. th next thing i know is the bathroom door slammed shut and the shower turned on, did she hear me. all i could think was how i was supposed to make sure she knew the truth, but when she got out of the shower it went awful

"whats wrong" i asked

she replied with red eyes full of sorrow "youre just going to break my heart like all the other girls, for what? to maintain your bad boy reputation?? guess what,*she began to stutter* whatever "this" *i said pointing at us* is OVER i want these two weeks to go by quickly" she grabbed a granola bar and went upstairs and locked the bedroom door. she hates me.

the next morning i woke up on the couch i felt awful she hates me how can i make it up to her, she will never listen.

i walked upstairs and the bedroom was unlocked i opened the door and sat at the foot of the bed

"hannah" i said in a whisper

"leave me alone" she said in a tired sad tone. i lay down beside her and hold her

"please let me explain."

"go ahead before i start crying"

"management told be to dat you for a lil bit make you fall in love and then break your heart so you would make better music little did i know i would fall head over heerls for you"

"what are you saying then, that you would break my heart to make better music, are you saying my music sucks??"

"no baby no, you are so talented its just management they screw everything up"

"whatever. leave me alone"


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