the Moment I Knew

Hannah Taylor is a super model at 16! rich, pretty, popular (or was?), famous, and soon to be in love. this is a harry love story so enjoy


3. goody goody

 as i walk to the back some guy slaps my ass.. douche.

i go to sit down next to mr. payne... where have i heard that before??

"hey im liam" he said in a cute lil accent which jogged my memory, liam payne one direction holy shit... they disgust me, sad excuse for music.

"hannah" i replied opening my notebook and taking out my phone under the table texting.

                                                      text convo

to: kelseyboo

omg sierra is here!!!!


omg stfu dont lie to me!

to: kelseyboo

why would i lie about a whore?;)

                                                       end of text

liam cleared his throat... "what" i say in a low whisper

"nothing its just you arent supposed to do that"

"and who are you mr goody goody?" i say in a sassy tone

"no i just dont want you getting your iphone smashed"

"thanks for the concern, liam" i say coldly

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