my life thru poems

this is similar to cunfusion another book i wrote or short book. but i am 12 and i love to write. but this is poems i writee while i type of my life from as far as i remember to now.i hope you like it. if you have any other ideas on what i should write for other books. please tell me.


4. my life now

last but not least this is still not about me but a new guy who well isn't that much of a creep.

he well has a kid who wow is a but. lets face it we all are a little nuts.

no more night mares no father but a sister you see. past all those men there was a girl you see. she was my sister oh she was a creature so bright i loved to just look at her light bright blue eyes. like the sky in a sunny day.

that is my life well a little you see. so please dont tease just now you know something about me.

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