my life thru poems

this is similar to cunfusion another book i wrote or short book. but i am 12 and i love to write. but this is poems i writee while i type of my life from as far as i remember to now.i hope you like it. if you have any other ideas on what i should write for other books. please tell me.


1. father

Dad oh a dad, that's a weird thing to say i guess i never really had one sorry to say.

My mom was young and a little crazy, she got married but not in LA she was 16.

my father well i guess that's his name. he was well lets say a but head per say. he didn't much for me but made my mom mad.

He thought he had things he never had. like, love , or passion well that didn't work. then they didn't work.

then came the trouble called custody.i had to live with one and another but not together. witch was good one didnt love another.

my dad never cared so i din;t dare to go near the beer smelling freak.

well that's it with my father cause he's in rehab.

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