Hii :D I am going to be making some One Direction Imagine things :) lol I am going to be picking a winner every week! For you to win you have to put if you want it sexual , cute ,funny. Anything! And tell me which boy you want it with!
Love you guys <333


1. Niall Imagine

You had just had a very long night your boyfriend Niall got into a fight.You saw Niall with some bleach blonde girl making out. You were sleeping over Harrys house. You woke up with your head on Harrys chest. You looked up to see Harry still sleeping. You tried to get up without him waking up. " (Y/N) ? Where are you going?"  You turned to face Harry. " I need to go somewhere. I need niall back but.." You trailed off. "But what?" You grabbed your jacket and shoes. " I just have to leave Harry. Im sorry to be such a burden" You ran as fast as you could out the door. Soon after you heard your name being called. "(Y/N) ! Come back we need to talk before you see Niall!" You stopped dead in your tracks and turned around starting to get teary eyed." What about Niall that he cheated on me!" You collapsed on to the sidewalk. Harry picked you up bridal style and carried you back to his house. After you cried in Harrys arms you decide to look at your phone. You had 14 missed calls from Niall and 18 texts massages. You read the first text '(Y/N) please listen to me that girl was nothing to me you are my princess! I was drunk and stupid please (Y/N) listen to me i love you'. You kept on reading all of the text messages he sent you. You started to cry after you saw the last one. '(Y/N)  you dont know how sorry i am please princess answer me. I Never want to hurt you again! The next time I see you I want to see you in a wedding dress walking down the aisle to me. I know this doesnt sound romantic over text but baby will you marry me?' You screamed out "Yes! Yes! A million times Yes!" You looked over to Harry who was smiling his cheeky smile. "(Y/N) you better go call Niall and tell him yes!" You stood up and hugged Harry then called Niall. "Niall? Babe?" you said into the phone. "(Y/N) princess? Did you read my texts?" You smiled a stupid smile even though he couldnt see you " Yes  I did and its a million times yes! I love you!"  You heard a dial tone. You being confused you looked at your phone in disbelieve. He hung up on you. You felt like crying but you didnt have any tears left. You felt arms go around your waist. You jumped then turned around to see Niall. "Hi princess" he smiled. "Niall! You hung up on me" you did the puppy dog lips. You both laughed. Then he got down on one knee. "(Y/N) will you be my princess for the rest of our lives?" He pulled out the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. You jumped into his arms and kissed him "Yes! I love you Niall so much. But if you ever cheat on me again there will be a foot up your arse " 


~Authors note~ 

Hey! If you want a imagine leave what your name is, what boy you want, if you want it to be cute or dramatic anything! Love you guys <3 And for you that are reading "Are you alone?" I will try to update soon <3  

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