Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


6. the morning after

sarahs pov

i wake up to everyone gone but harry and niall. he was sitting on the couch next to where i was sleeping on the floor. i burst out laughing when i saw his face.

"we saw you little prank on twitter." he says. 

"did you now?" i ask 

"it was hilarious." he shout sarcastically. alerting everyone that i was awake and waking up niall. 

"ah yes, my prankster little sis." louis says entering the room.

"one does not simply pull a prank like that and not get a complimentery kiss?" i say, eyeballing harry. 

"WAIT!!!!!" louis screams.

"what boobear?" i ask

"let me get my camera so we can make this T.O!" louis states.

"T what?" i ask oblivious to this forgein language.

"T.O. means twitter official, love." harry informs.

"ohhhhh! ok. get that camera so i can get my kiss!" 

"i got it, ok, wait, 3...2...1...action!" louis screams giving us the cue. we lean in and kiss, it was magical. sparks flew. i pulled away and looked around. my eyes landed on niall. he had a look in his eyes. jealousy maybe. nah, couldnt be. soon after my phone beeps with a tweet from louis. the video is attached.

'AWN!!!!!!! the newest coulpe of our group. arent they cute? #SARRY'

after a minute my phone blew up with responses. some girls can be so stupid. sending me hate. im not going anywhere. some people told me that siall was cuter. i responded to everyone.

'@sarah_tommo: thanks for the support. and for the hate. im not going anywhere so forget about your chances with hazza. HES MINE!!!!! >:-) and like i said last night, me and Irish are just friends. harry has my <3!'

again my phone blew up with responses. i ignored them and headed to get my breakfast. someone made eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, and juice. i grabbed a bit of all and sat down noticing that no one washed their faces. 

"you know, your faces are truly works of art." i say with a mouthful

"ya we should like cut off your faces and sell them in an auction. we'd make millions!" niall says.

"I get most of it Irish. it was my idea to colour their faces." i say sternly.

"was it now?" maddie asks slowly lifting her head. it was a bad choice to say that. 

"hehe. did i say me? i meant Irish. oopsies!" i say trying to cover up but failing miserably.

"GET HER!!!!!!" zayn shouts. i am soon swallowed whole by the blackness that is my 'friends' tackling me to the ground. after being tickled, hugged, stroked and squished to death, i was finally release. gasping for air i speak.

"that" *gasp* "was" *wheez* "SOOOOOO" *cough* "mean!!!!!" i finally choke out. they just laugh at me. after fully regaining my breath i sitting up and continue eating.

"so what are we doing today?" maddie asks. 

"i dont know about today, but i get sarah tonight!" harry says. i see that same look from earlier in nialls eyes. what is that?

"oooo! what are we doing?" i ask.

"something!" he says. i mumble words that can not be repeated at him and he laughs. 

"maybe we could go shopping today. then you lovebirds can do whatever when were done?" vipra proposes.

"sure!" i say. we all agree and head to get ready. i dont plan going anywhere nice or fancy so i just throw on my cookie monster sweat pants, a plain red top, white sweater. (the colours of the british flag) i top it off with a cookie monster snap back. 

"you have pants to match your hat?" niall asks me.

"you got a problem with that, Irish?" i snap.

"not at all cookie monster!" he puts his hands up as if to surrender. i attempt to glare at him but fail, not being able to keep a straight face. he laughs to. i feel hands wrap around my waist and turn to see a pair of beautiful emerald eyes starring at me.

"i love your laugh." he whispers.

"i know you do!" i smirk and escape his grip. we all file out the door and head of to the mall.

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