Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


7. the drive

sarahs pov

on the car ride to the mall lou drove. maddie was up front with him. i was in between vipra and harry. liam, zayn and niall were squished in the back. all of whom looked quite uncomfortable. moving around, trying to find space.

"you boys sure look comfy back there!" maddie shouts.

"why couldnt you sit back here and one of us sat up there?" liam asks.

"Because you are not as special as me!" Maddie sung in reply.

"You're mean!" Liam pouted. We all burst into a fit of laughter. I guess Louis will just have to buy a bigger car, so there is plenty of room for all of us. Just as I thought things were calm Zayn let out a yell.

" Niall, move your ass." zayn pushes niall in the chest.

"Whoa there, thats my personal square! R-A-P-E, get your ass away from me!" niall screams

"Somebody needs their happy meal." liam said under his breath, but I heard it loud and clear.

"Louis, pull over!" zayn says. I looked out the window and saw McDonalds. Did he take what liam said literally?

"he didn't actually mean that Zayn." Niall said.

"I don't need a freaking happy meal. I need to go pee real bad!" Zayn spat. Louis pulled into the parking lot and we all got off and headed inside. Man, I think I might just need a happy meal for myself.

"i dont care what y'all say, im getting a happy meal." i shout once inside.

"split it?" harry asks. i smile at him

"if we split, you pay!" i smirk.

"you would have made me pay either way!" he fights

"pft! no!" i say sarcastically. i peck him and look at the menu bar above where you order. i feel eyes starring at me. i look down to see 6 pairs of eyes on me. harry was still look at the menu. "what?" i defend.

"you two are discusting." louis says.

"get over it boobear." i scream and being the polite person that i am, i smack him in the arm for good measure. 

"OW!" lou whines.

"cookie monster, what are you getting?" niall asks.

"chicken mc nugget happy meal!" i say.

"carrots or apple slices?" he asks

"CARROTS!!!!!!!!" i shout. he nods and orders. "thanks irish!" 

"whats with all the nicknames?" liam asks.

"well, nialls Irish therefore his nickname is Irish. i am in love with cookie monster, therefore my nickname is cookie monster. its not a difficult concept to grasp sir." i explain. 

"you love me more than cookie monster right?" harry pleads with his emerald eyes in puppy dog form. 

"if it helps you sleep at night haz!" i say patting him on the shoulder. 

"OH. NO. YOU. DIDNT!!!" lou shouts attracting the attention of anyone in the restaurant that wasnt already starring.

"oh, but i did." i shrug it off. our food arrives and i grab mine then walk to the table.

we eat in silence, all of us stuffing our faces with incredibly unhealthy food. thats in fact, quite delious. i chuckle slightly when harry steals one of my chicken mc nuggets. i bat his hand away with mine. on the drive home the same boys are squished again with the same people in the front and middle. 

finally, were at the mall.


A/N hey guys, sarah here. umm on friday night i have to leave and i wont be back until two tuesdays later. my famikys going to florida for march break. ill try to update each night till then. love yall. 

p.s. thank you so so soooooooo much for the favorites you guys are amazayn fans. 

p.p.s. its tuesday where i am so (counting this chapter) 3 more for a bit.

p.p.s.s. my co-author may be able to publish some.

OK! im done thank you my loverlies!!!!!!!!

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