Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


9. The Dates

sarahs pov

when we got home i ran to my room to prepare for my first date with harry. he told me not to dress up fancy, but to look nice. so i wore my new top harry bought for me. he was so sweet. i threw on the top and straightened my redish orange hair with several curls under the straight hair. my signature look! after that i put on my black skinny jeans with a couple rips. to top it off i slip on my blue cookie monster converse and cookie monster snap back. i quickly glance at my reflection on my downstairs just long enough to notice a curl sticking out in a weird way. i fix it and continue to the telly room.

"you are beautiful." harry whispers in my ear. before i have a fhance to respond lou blurts out

"hands off the sister, styles!"

"relax lou, i wont try anything," harry says before whispering in my ear so only i can hear "while were still here!" i let a laugh escape my lips, attracting attention to the fact that he spoke.

"good thing too," i say loud and clear "im not going to try anything on him either!" i say so, not, suspiously before grabing harrys hand and making a b-line for the door. we escape successfully until i realize my keys are in the house.

"crap." i mumble. then i remember that lou never locks the back door. "a ha!" i claim "i got a plan!"

"great! what is it?" harry asks

"follow me..." i whisper. silently, we sneak to the backyard like ninjas. i check and as i predicted, the door is open. harry opens it fully, putting his finger to his lip trying to shush the door. i attempt to hold in my laugh, only letting a small chuckle escape. we sneak all the way to the door way to the telly room.

"where are the keys?" he whispers, his breath tickling the back of my neck. my keys are right in louis hand. he got to them before me. crap. i can slightly hear their conversation. i press my ear to the wall, trying to hear better.

"good luck trying to leave with out these, sarah!" he smirks. that bastard. i glace at harry and find his loving eyes starring at me.

"i have a new plan!" i whisper.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT LISTENING TO YOU! LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!! FUZZY UNICORNS, COOKIE MONSTER, AND FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i shout running through the room and grab my keys. louis sat there like a helpless little puppy. on my way out i, again, grab harry and run. we make it out side and vipra and nick are sitting there, talking. "if you go inside, dont believe a word they say! im inocent, i did nothing!! nada! zip! im not mental! i promise!"

"dont make promises you can keep!" vipra smirks.
"i am NOT making promise i cant keep!" my eye twiches. "BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" 
"sarah? sweetheart, you not evil. dont make that laugh." vips says.
"oh but i am! im acctually an undercover evil scientist monkey thats doing research on...evil stuff...!" i smile. "ya that works, good for you sarah good for you!" i mumble to myself.
"no, your not!" vipra says. suddenly my alter ego takes over and i become that guy from the lord of the rings. (also liam in Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 2!) 
"spoonses, must get rid of spoonses! spoooooooonses! spoooooooonses!" 
"are you drunk?" nick asks.
"im not drunk!" i snap. 
"you sure?" he asks again.
"YES! wait, no? yes? i dont know. OH MY GOD!! I DONT KNOW!" i sound horrified.
"ok..." nick starts talking with vipra again. i turn to see harry on the ground laughing.
"harry? get up were going!" i say lightly kicking him in the side. 
"ok! ok!" he says whiping away a tear from laughing so hard. "you are such a weirdo." 
"i know, and you love it!" i smirk.
"ya i do!" he smiles
we get in the car and i hop in the drivers seat. 
"do i get to know where were going now?" i ask. 
"yes." he says. i sit there waiting for him to tell me.

*3 minutes later.*
"you gonna tell me...?" i ask.
"OH! right, were going to nandos!" he says. 
"great first date haz!" i say sarcastically.
"it will be!" he whispers just loud enough for me to hear. 
we pull into the parking lot and i park. we head inside to a deserted restaurant. harry takes me to a table in the middle of the restaurant. he pulls out my chair and i sit. he sits across from me and takes my hand. 
"sarah," he says suducivly.
"yes haz," i match his tone, trying to stay serious.
"would you, Sarah Frizzell, like to," he pauses. what the heck is he gonna ask. "have popcorn chicken or a chicken leg?" he asks. i burst out laughing.
"i totally thought you were going to like ask me something serious!" i say through laughter. 
"that is serious!" he defends, trying to sound afended but failing miserably. then a waiter wearing a james bond look-a-like out fit, comes over and begins asking what we want. 
"what can i get for you today?" he asks. his name tag says Tom.
"i like your name Tom!" i say. he looks kind of freaked out. "and ill have popcorn chicken!" 
"ill have the popcorn chicken as well!" harry adds.
"ok, and what drinks would you like?" Tom asks
"cherry cola!" i scream. its my favorite pop. 
"ill just have plain cola." harry says.
"good, your food will be out soon." Tom walks off.
"well that was nice, i like tom!" i say casually. 
"i think you freak him out..." harry says.
"hey!" i say whacking his arm. our food arrives and we begin eating. we eat in complete silence. although some may find it awkward, i find the silence comforting.

Nick's P.O.V
Vipra and I were sitting on the porch. Hand in hand and her head on my sholder. This is what I wanted it to be like all the time. Us together. But it had been nearly a month since we last saw eachother in person. I'm always busy with my art work and Vipra is busy with her school stuff. We don't have many common 'days off' as we call them. She moved her head to my lap and I started to stroke her hair. I liked to run my fingers through her long black hair. This always calmed her, and eventually put her to sleep (which I found very cute). But she can't go to sleep today. I lift her head out of my lap and stand her up.
" Nick, I'm tired! Is everything okay? Wait. Don't tell me that you have to go back to the States for another stupid art seminar! She said with wide eyes.
"There is a problem that is even bigger than that. " I say trying to hide my smile.
" Nick tell me what the flipping problem is! You are scaring me! She said shaking me by my shoulders.
" well you see, I had a date planned for my beloved girlfriend and she is tired so I guess that I will have to cancel my plan. " I turn around and start to walk towards my car. I mentally count in my head. 1.....2......3
" Nick blasting Ali! Get your ass over here! " she screamed. I let a small smile form on my face for the alternate word she used instead of swearing. She never swears for some reason. I walked over to her and got ready for a ' I'm going to scream at your face session'.
" Okay first of all, you neve told me that you are taking me on a date! And it's not my flipping fault that you were playing with my hair! " She screams at me, while holding me by the collar of my shirt. I lift her up bridal style and walk into the house.
" Nick, put me down right now!" vipra orders.
" Not a chance, Little Bear. " I say as I continue to carry Vipra up the stairs. I catch Zayn starring at us but I guess he was just confused why we were making all that noise. I push open the door to Vipra's room and set her down on her bed. Her room was a beautiful light purple with black accents. A big crystal chandelier hung from her star covered ceiling. When her parents and brother died in a car crash a few months ago, Vipra broke down. But she liked to belive that they turned into stars and watched her.
" Earth to Nick. Hello?" Vipra says waving her hand in front of my face. I didn't realize that I had zoned out.
" Oh. Sorry. " I say sitting down next to her. I take her hand in mine. " I know that we haven't been able to spend much time with each other lately, so I thought that it would be a good idea if I took you out tonight. I mean if you want. " I say praying that she says yes. What she did next, I was not expecting. She moved closer, leaned in and presed her lips against mine. I pulled her even closer and kissed her back. I held her by the hip, while she played with my hair. We only broke apart for a short second to get air, but quickly went back to the kiss. Vipra finally broke apart after what felt like an hour and wispered in my ear.
" Does that give you your answer?"
"Yes. " I say and pull her in for another quick kiss. " okay. Now go get dressed. There is a dress and all the other things you need in the washroom. I'll be waiting. " I say as I push her towards her washroom. She shoots me a smile, before entering the washroom. This is what I will miss the most; her smile.

Vipra's P.O.V
I walk into the washroom and see a beautiful burgundy strapless dress that had the perfect neck line with gorgeous embroidery. I look down to see the perfect golden heels for this dress. Sitting on my counter were a pair of golden earings with a burgundy stone in the middle and a matching necklace. Nick had thought of everything. I start of by doing my make-up. I kept it simple with foundation, eye shaddow, mascara, eye liner and a bit of blush and bronzer. I quickly painted my nails a goldenish colour and waited for it to dry.
" Vipra, I'm going to go change into something a bit more nice. " Nick have yelled through the door. Since whenever Nick actually was in Doncaster, I made him stay with me, so he practically had his whole wardrobe in a storage system in my closet which I never used.
" No problem babe. " I said blowing on my nails to make them dry faster. I touch my nails to make sure they are dry, which they were. I sliped my dress on. It fell right above my knees. The perfect length to cover my scar from the horrific car crash that took my family away from me. The tears started to build up in my eyes, but I quickly wiped them away with a tissue befor it ruined my eye shadow. I reached down my back for the zipper, but I realized that I can't do up the zipper. I guess I will have to wait until Nick gets back so he can help me. But that was no problem because this dress hugged my body pretty well. I decided to do my hair while I waited. I wanted to do something fancy, but at the same time keep the hair out of my face. Then it came to me. The starburst braided crown. I quickly got to work on the hairstyle while humming to stereo hearts. I sprayed the crown with a little bit of hairspray and put on my earings, necklace and heels and
walked out into the room expecting to find Nick sitting on my bed drawing something, but he wasn't there. Oh well, I guess someone else will have to help me zip up my dress. I walk out of the room in search for someone. "Sarah! Maddie! Where are you peeps?" I was running around the top floor screaming their names until I bump into Zayn and nearly fall down. I hold onto him for dear life. " I am so sorry." I say letting go of his shoulders. " It's not very smart to be running around in heels. " I state pointing to my
feet. "
" Don't mention it. " he casually says putting his hands in his pockets.
" Have you seen Sarah or Maddie or Nick?"
" Um...Sarah's on her date with Harry and Maddie went to get a few things from the store. I think I saw Nick outside talking to someone on the phone. " he replies. " Right. I totally forgot about their date. " I reply mentally cursing myself for forgeting my best friend's date.
" Why were you looking for them? Is every thing ok? He asked worried.
" Ya, all good. It's just that Nick is taking me out tonight and I can't zip up my dress. " A frown appears on his face, but is quickly replaced with a smile.
" That's why you both are dressed all fancy. If you want, I could zip up your dress for you. " He asks with a hint of shyness in his voice.
" Yes please! That would be a big help. " I say turning around for him. I feel a large hand brush down my back, but comes back up to my neck.
" That's a nice tattoo. Three stars, all different sizes. Why? " Zayn asks, not moving his hand. I turn around.
" It represents my family. My mom,dad, and brother. They died four months ago in a car crash. I like to belive they turned into stars and they still watch me. " I replied. My eyes filled up again and I let out a sob. Zayn lifted up my chin and looked into my eyes. He took his thumb and carfully wiped my tears, making sure not to ruin my make up.
" Tears are precious. Don't waist them. I bet that your family wouldn't want to see you cry. Now turn around so I can zip up this bad boy. I turn around and he zips up my dress. He turns me around and cupps my face with his hands. I give him a small smile. " There. This is how you need to stay; smiling. Stay strong. " He squeezes my hand and starts to walk away, but I pull him back.
" Stay with me until Nick gets back?" I ask. I feel like me and him have some sort of connection.
" Sure. " He replies. I walk him to my room and sit down on the bed. "Nice room. "
" Thanks. Zayn? "
" Ya? "
" Can I have a picture?" I ask holding up my phone.
" Sure. " he moves closer and I snap a quick picture. I go on my Twitter and send out a quick tweet.
@zaynmalik and I. Picturelink
I turn off my phone so it won't bug me. Zayn's phone buzzes and he picks up. " Nice picture. " He says.
I move closer to him and give him a quick peck on the cheek. He looks at me shocked. " What was that for?" he asks as a blush creeps up onto his cheeks.
"Don't you know? Whoever helps put on a dress, gets a peck. " I state.
" Now I do. " He replies.
" Vipra, darling let's go. " Nick says as he walks in the door. " Oh hi Zayn. " Zayn just nods in return. I get up and lock hands with Nick.
" Let's go. Bye Zayn. Make yourself feel at home. " With that, me and Nick are off on our date.

Zayn's P.O.V
She friggin kissed me on the cheek! I go to twitter and set the picture of me and Vipra as my background on my phone. She truly is beautiful. I stare at her smile. Why is it always me who falls in love with the wrong girl? Why can't I be the one who has someone that loves me as much as I love them? Why?

Nick's P.O.V
Vipra was sitting in the passenger seat next to me, blindfolded. She isn't the type of girl that complains about being blindfolded as long as the blindfold is clean. " Nick how much longer? " She asks annoyed. Time is a problem for her.
" We're almost there, babe. Just a bit longer. " I reply driving up the road. I put a piece of gum into my mouth. I have to be prepared for tonight. I park the car and get out to open the door for Vipra. I walk around the car and open the door and help her out. I open the blindfold and cover her eyes with my hand " Ok. 3.....2......1" I take my hand away and let her look at our surroundings. We were at a look-out cliff with a gazebo in the middle. This was a very special spot for the two of us.
" Oh my god! Nick, it's perfect. I love you! " She pulls me in a tight hug and I kiss the top of her head.
" You look even more beautiful than the day you stole my heart. " I lock her hands in mine.
" Do you still remember?" She questions looking up at me. I sit her on the hood of the car so we will be more at eye level.
" Every last detail. I remember how gorgeous you looked in your blue summer dress. I remember how we kept on starring at each other. I remember how I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I remember how we danced in the moonlight. And how can I forget our first kiss right here. How it all started at my birthday party. " I say not looking away from her eyes.
" May 2nd, 2010; your 19th birthday party. It's a good thing I decided to tag along with Renee to your party. Now are you going to feed me something or what?" She asks sliding off the hood.
" Of course. Right this way m' lady." I hold out my arm for her to hold on to, which she does. We walk to the gazebo where I have a table for two set up. It was just getting dark, giving is the perfect view of the sunset. I pull out her chair for her, then walk over to the other side and sit down. " I made us dinner tonight. " I say in a quiet voice.
Vipra always loved when I made us dinner.
" That's so sweet of you Nick. What is it? " She asks.
" Lift up that lid in front of you. " I say pointing to the big silver dome that was sitting in the middle of the table. She took off the lid and gasped.
" Chinese noodles! My favourite. " She said excitedly. " Um Nick?"
" Yes darling?" I reply.
" I think you forgot to bring plates. " ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Me and Vipra just finished feeding each other noodles, out of the bowl. Unfortunately the noodles didn't lead to any kisses. The moon had come above and was shining its moonlight on us. I walk her out to the open ground. " Vipra." I say nervously.
" Yes Nick. " She turns around and looks me in the eyes. I get down on my knees. " Nick! What are you doing?" Vipra asks confused.
" This isn't what you think. " I take her hand in mine. " I know that our relationship is tough. We don't get much time together. But our love for each other has formed a strong bond that no one can break. I love you more than my life. " Tears were forming in her eyes. I give her hands a small squeeze. " I don't know how much more time life has in store for me but I want to spend every last second with you. " vipra stands me up and looks into my eyes.
" Shh. Don't say things like that. You are perfectly healthy, and you are going to grow old with me to see our grandchildren's children. " She says as a tear rolls down her cheek. Only if she knew. I get back down on my knees.
" Vipra Shah, do you promise to never to give up on our relationship?" I pull out a ring box from my pocket and open it up. It was a diamond infinity ring. And on the inside it said - vipra + nick = love.
" Forever and for always!" She held out her left hand and I slid the ring onto her ring finger. Perfect fit. I get up and wrap her in a hug. I still had one more surprise for her.
" Vipra look up. " my timing was perfect. As we looked up the fireworks exploded in the night sky. I pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. " I love you. " I said.
" I love you too. " she replied as she pulled me in for another kiss.

Vipra's P.O.V
I was sitting in the car checking my twitter while Nick was attending a call outside. I had gained over 100 follower in a matter of four hours. I saw that I had many retweets, replys, and mentions all for the tweet with the picture of me and Zayn. I read through them. -
Aww you guys are so cute!

We need to ship them.

I ship VAYN.

Are you guys dating?

Match made in heaven.

Couple #1

Let's get #VAYN trending on twitter.

There were many more like those. I scroll through the tweets and one chatches my eye. It was Zayn's. -

Just to clear up any misunderstandings. Me and @zaynsprincess28 r not dating. She has a boyfriend and I am #foreversingle.

Why would he say that? I mean not the part about us not dating, but him being forever single. He is pretty cute. He could get a way better girl than me. I decide to reply to his tweet.-

Conforming what @zaynmalik said. And anyways he could get a way prettier girl than me. <3

Then I see his other tweet. -
I rather you guys get #VICK (vipra and her bf's ship name) trending on twitter. -

One girl replied to his tweet saying
' #replacevickwithvayn ' and she had a lot of retweets. I check the trends and sure enough #replacevickwithvayn was the fourth most used hashtag in the world. Great! (sense the sarcasm there). I turn my phone off before I freak over all the stupid tweets. Nick opens the door and starts the engine. " Ready to go home?" Nick asks backing out of the lot.
" Definately. " I reply putting my head on his shoulder. The rest of the drive home consisted of Nick talking about ideas he had for the One Direction logo and me nodding in reply. I don't think I said a word the whole way back. Nick pulled into the driveway and parked the car.
" Did that make up for all the time I was away for you. " He asked playing with the promise ring he have me. I didn't feel like saying anything , so I just leaned in and have him a quick kiss. " Do you want me to walk you in?" I nod my head. I was just too tired to say a word.



nialls pov
once sarah and harry leave, i run to my room and break down crying. why was i such a dick. i never should have said that, and been so rude. she could be mine right now. i could be on that date. i should be on that date. after about ten minutes of crying. i pick up my guitar. i start gently strumming and scribiling down notes. after half an hour of this i still only have the first verse and the chours in notes. not even any words. suddenly zayn walks in and sits down next to me. he looks at the page with my notes.
"play them." he says. i begin playing and he starts singing along. off the top of his head he makes up the perfect words to match who im making this song for.
na na na na na, na na na na na,
he takes your hand, i die a little.
i watch your eyes, and im in riddles.
why cant you look at me like that?
na na na na na
when you walk by, i try to say it.
but then i freeze, i never do it.
my tounge gets tied, the words get trapped.
i hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever im near you.
but i see you, with him, slow dancing.
tearing me apart 'cause you dont see.
whenever you kiss him, im breaking.
oh, how i wish that was me.
na na na na na, na na na na na

thats all i had in guitar for now. i begin to write down the lyrics. zayn looks up at me. 
"you probably guessed for me this is about vipra. but who is it for you?" zayn asks. i ignore his question and keep writing. mainly because i dont want to say who. what am i suppose to say: after being such a big dick to her, i started liking her and now i love her? no it doesnt work like that.
"niall?" he asks again. "who is it for?" i guess i have no choice.
"sarah..." i whisper hoping he doesnt hear. 
"you like sarah?" he whisper-shouts.
"i guess..." 
"but shes with harry!" thanks for bring that up dude!
"and vipras with Nick!" i spat. he slowly gets up to walk away.
"mate, im sorry. i just got angry." i say.
"i guess its ok. but i should go home anyways." he leaves the room. 
"i should go home too." i mumble to myself. i pack up all my stuff and head out the door. on my way out i notice louis and maddie sitting on the couch next to each other.


maddies pov.
well this is awkward. im alone with louis in a house. not creepy at all, right? i mean we've known each other since like, grade one! and although i would never admit it to any living soul, especially sarah, i've had a small crush on him for a bit now. as we watched looney toons i kept stealing glances at him. thank god he didnt notice. then, one time when i looked over he was looking at me. i quickly looked away. he moved my face back to looking at him, efectivly giving me goosebumps all down my back and arms. i look down to the ground. 
"maddie?" he asks sweetly.
"ya?" i say not moving my glance at the floor one inch. 
"what'chu looking at?" he asks.
"the floor."
"i dunno." 
"look at me." i slowly lift my gaze so it land on his sparkling blue eyes. before i have a chance to respond he smashes his lips on mine. it was magic. we kept kissing until we heard the door nob turn. i attempted to pull away but he pulled me back i laughed a bit at his adorableness. 


sarahs pov.
after dinner me and harry stayed and talked for a bit. we also split a peice of chocolate cake. 
"we should probably go home. who knows how much trouble maddie and louis have cause by now." i smile. we both get up and head to the car. on the drive harry insites on holding my hand but i refuse, wanting to keep two hands on the wheel. we pull into the parking lot and head to the door. we walking to see lou and maddie, making out on the couch. at first i was speachless. then i found the words to say.
"I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!!!!" i shouted startling both of them. they jump off of each other and sit on oppisite ends of the couch. i sit down in between them.
"i told you this would happen." i say.
"ya, ya. get the teasing out now." lou says.
"oh believe me, the teasing will NEVER end! never, never, never! end!" i smirk. maddie and louis let out two long sighs. "im going to get ready for bed." i say. "see ya later love birds!" 
"bye!" they say. i pause just outside of the room to listen. with in 10 second i can already hear them kissing again. i chuckle to myself. this is gonna be too good!
"im going home now!" harry says when i reach the front hall. i walk to him amd pull him in for a hug. 
"bye babe. thanks for tonight. i had fun!" 
"bye, i love you." he smiles.
"i know you do." i say. i would have said i love you too. but part of me just isnt ready. he chuckles and walks out the door. i get into my p.j.s and crawl in bed. as i fall alseep i quietly sing to myself. i dont know why but i sang so sick by Ne-yo. nialls X-Factor audition song...

Vipra's P.O.V

Nick and I walk in hand in hand, but he was practically carrying me because how tired I was. I start to turn the door knob, but I hear noises of someone making out. "Why did you stop?" Nick asks.

" I think Sarah and Harry are in the middle of a make out session. I'll give her a heads up." I send Sarah a quick text, hoping she will take the time and read it.

To Sarahlinson-

Me and Nick are here. Kindly stop making out with Harry so we can come in. I don't want to walk into your make-out session. ;)

I rest my head on Nick's shoulder, waiting for a reply. My phone lets out a beep. It was a text from Sarah.

To Nick's love Vips-

Ugg....i was sleeping! harry went home like half an hour ago. open the door and feist your eyes. ;)

Okay then. I open the door and my jaw hits the groud at the site. It was Maddie straddling Louis, while making out. I had expected this to happen one day because I knew they both liked eachother but were to shy to admit it. Nick clears his throat. They pull apart and sit at the opposite ends of the chouch." Get a room you two! Like seriously." I say crossing my arms.

"Who made the first move?" Nick asks as a smirk forms on his face. I knew the answer to this.

"Louis." I state.

"How did you know?" Maddie yells. Obviously surprised.

" He told me that he had a crush on you. I knew that this would happen one day." I clap my hands. " You two are just too cute!"

" Why didn't you tell me?" Madddie asked angrily.

"Because he told me not to and you never told me you liked Louis! I had to figure that out by myself." I reply in a huff. " I mean it wasn't that hard considering you had a scrapbook full of pictures of Louis and both of you together with big hearts around them. You clearly need better hiding places than under your mattress."

"Oh shut up." Maddie said looking at the floor.

"Never!" Nick and I said in union.

"Be gone you two so we can continue where we left off." Louis said annoyed.

Nick walks me to my room and pulls me in for a kiss. "Thanks for tonight." I say as I give him a peck on the cheek.

"Any time, love. Sweet dreams my princess. " He takes my hand in his. " I love you."

"Forever and for always." This was like our 'good bye' ritual. But I didn't feel like letting him go. He releses my hand and starts towards the stairs. I catch his hand and pull him back. " Nick, stay here with me. Please?"

" I would love to." He replys as he closes the door to my room. This would be a long night. If you know what I mean! ;)


Author's note-

Hey guys its zayn's_princess here! Thank you so much for all the reads and likes and favourites!! Just to clarify some things, Vipra and Sarah's twitter @names are real, so if you want to follow us, go for it! That is why they are like @zaynsprincess28 and @sarah_horan_108 . Our twitter @names DO NOT RELATE TO THE PERSONS WE ARE DATING IN THE STORY!! So just because mine is zaynsprincess, doesn't mean that is because I like zayn in the fan-fiction. Same with sarah. So keep reading, commenting, and liking! And don't forget to check out our other fan-fictions!!

Love ya xx-  zayn's_princess


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