Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


4. Talk with niall

Louis pov

Me and the lads had to stay there for a while because simon wanted to talk to us. We all sat around awkwardly trying to leave a good impression on each other. Since we will be spending lots of time together starting very soon. while we were making small talk trying to seem pleasant, niall just sat quietly in the corner. I dont know whats up with him but I am detrmend to find out. I wont let him just be rude to my sister like that and get away with it. 

"boys!" simon says walking into our waiting room. We all stand upon his entrance. "i think you boys are great, and putting you in a group will help you grow. You can disscus a band name later right now, there are some papers for you to sign." he set down 5 stacks of paper. "fill these out." ill be back in ten minutes for them." we nod and he walks out.

"why do we need to sign papers again? At the start of the show didnt we have to sign those 'if you die its not our fault and you can sue us'.papers?" harry asks

"just sign the paper." liam tells him.

"guys what does this word mean?" zayn asks pointing to a big word.

"i dunno." harry says. "lets go ask." 

"ill come too!" liam calls following them out. 

That left me, and niall. Time to talk.

Sarahs pov

"ok, so what are we going to do for louis making it through?" maddie asks rather loudly.

"we should schedual a party with all our friends, i can go make the invites now. We can buy chips we'll ask the other boys to bring pop, and we need to bake cookies and-" vipra says. gosh! That girl thinks waaaaaay to much! 

"OR!!! I cut her off "we can just invite all the boys over to hang out. And just eat what we have here." 

"ya, i like sarahs idea, less work!" and out comes the lazy side to maddie. I still dont understand how someone with a black, grey and the occaisional dark brown wardrobe, can be so crazy and weird and happy. And just plain fun. She is a ball of sunshine desgised as a goth. Black combat boots on a ball of rainbows and puppys. That is really the only way to describe her. 

"fine, be inorganized people!" vipra shouts storming out of the room.

"OCD!" i mumble, pulling out my phone to text louis about the party-like-thing.

Louis pov.

"whats your problem?" i demand.

"umm...i thought we already talk about this?" niall responds.

"ya, not really. I asked why you were randomly rude to my sister and you ignored me. Now answer the question, for real!" i state

"if i recall correctly, you asked and i answered very legitemently." hes remaining calm while im about to burst into flames of anger. Stay cool louis, stay cool!

"you recall wrong. And i want a real answer now, whats your problem?" i repeat.

"fine, i dont like your sister." he says

"what? How do you not like sarah? Shes amazing? You havent even met her! You cant just judge someone like that? Atleast get to know her! Shes the best damn person on this planet! Shes kind, caring, respectful, amazing, co-operative, not to mention beautiful! If you just go around jugding people like that, you will get no where in life! You will miss out on a lot of opertunities that other people who open up to the world, will get!" i was fuming! How could someone hate her before getting to know her!

"fine." he says

"and if you dont-wait, what? Did you just say y-yes?" now im confused. He nods

"ill get to know her. I mean your saying so much stuff about her, she must be alright, i guess." he says

"oh, ok!" i say just as my phone buzzes.

From the most amazing sis EVA!!!! ;) :you wanna invite the boys of the band to my place to hang tonight? 

To the most amazing sis EVA!!!! ;) :sure ill ask them now!

"you guys wanna go to sarahs for a bit after were done here?" i ask

"YES!!" harry blurts out. 

"ok..." i respond

"im cool with that." says liam

"sure!" says zayn

"i guess..." niall mumbles.

"good!" i say

To the most amazing sis EVA!!!! ;) :were all coming! :) see ya later sis! 

From the most amazing sis EVA!!!! ;) : YAY!!! See ya soon! 

As soon as we finished signing the papers we headed off.  we all took our seperate cars and the boys followed me. It wasnt a very long drive but i talked to sarah on the phone, hands free of course. Sarah feels very strongly about talking on the phone while driving. Mainly because about a year ago she was getting driven home by a friend who got a phone call. They answered and didnt use hands free. they got into and accident and sarahs friend was in a coma for 2 months and sarah was in one for 4 weeks. Luckly, neither of them suffered any permanant damage. However sarah has a scar just behind her ear thats about as long as two of my middle fingers. The whole time we talk she asked that i was keeping my eyes on the road. I told her yes each time. When we finally got there sarah hugged me and told me she loved me, as always after i drive anywhere. Even if its to the corner store and back.


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