Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


8. One Direction

Harry's POV 

I was so glad to get out of that cramped car. If Louis doesn't get himself a new car, I will get him one. SERIOUSLY DUDE. But at least I was squished with Sarah! We walk inside and 'disscuss our plan'.

"Okay, so it is 1:00 o'clock right now and the mall closes at 6:30. Lets split up into two groups." I move closer to Sarah and try to grab her hand. " Mr. Styles, you have Sarah reserved for tonight but until then she is ours! You five boys head to the top floor first, we will stay down here. In three hours meet back at the cafeteria, we will rest for no more than half an hour and then we will shop on the other floor for three hours. Sound good?" Vipra said. Man she is prepared for action. Maybe we can learn something from her.

" Sounds great. You sure got everything under control. " Zayn said looking right in Vipra's eyes. " What colour are your eyes"

" You know who else you have under your control, Vipra?" Niall smirks. Vipra and Zayn both elbowed him in the stommach. "Oww.....that hurt!"

"It was supposed to hurt Nialler! And to answer Zayn's question- they are hazelish brown." Vipra said smiling.

" Zayn, looks like someone has a crush on you." I sing, while I recive death glares from Vipra.

"The only reason I haven't broken your neck off is because you are Sarah's boyfriend and possibly her future husband. And I was smiling because my boyfriend Nick asked me the same question when we first met. Guess all guys think alike. " She states. I can see the smile on Zayn's face is a fake one.

"Why don't you call him over so the boys can meet him and you will get to see him again?" Sarah said wrapping her hand around my waist.

"Great idea Sarah. Nice to know you are using that noodle you got up there." Vipra said punching away at her blackberry. A few seconds later a smile crept up on her face. " He said he will be here in 5 minutes"

"Vips, BBM time!" I scream.

"Totally" She said as we exchanged BBM bar codes. She did the same with the rest of the boys. " Ok so now I will BBM you 24/7. You don't know what you have gotten yourself into! She said typing in her blackberry. Soon Our phones buzzed or ringed.  It was a message from Vipra. 

From : Vipra 

Hi to the four crazy boys - extrodinHARRY,phenomiNIALL, brilLIAM, amayZAYN and the already mental FabuLOUIS! Love ya <333333 xx 


We all look up at Vipra and stared. " How did you think of this in like 10 minutes?" I asked.

"Because I am Vipra!" She said twirling her hair around her finger. " Where is Nick?". She asked, annoyed. 

" Look behind you, Miss." A guy our age said. Vipra turned around and she smiled like the sun. 

" Nicki!! You're here!" She said wrapping her hands around his neck. Vipra looks so happy to see him. " It's been so long since I last saw you. You and your stupid drawings always get in between you and me."

" I'm sorry Little Bear. I will make things up, I promise." Nick said leaning in and giving Vipra a soft kiss on the lips.

"Hold up. Why do you call her Little Bear?" Liam questioned. 

" If you haven't guessed, this is Nick my boyfriend. To answer your question, Nick and I were watching Little Bear and he decided to call me little bear and I decided to call him big bear. " Vipra answered not letting go of Nick's hand. We all introduced ourselves to Nick except Zayn. He was just awkwardly standing to the side looking glum. He is falling for Vipra hard. But I don't think Vipra is planning on leaving Nick anytime soon.

" Okay, let's do some shopping!" Maddie yelled. " Nick, you join the boy group. "

"Why can't I stay with Vipra?" He asked squeezing Vipra's hand.

" Because as much as we know that you would love to see Vipra in a bra, we won't let you." Sarah said. " So go!" She said pointing to us lads. 

"Come on Nick. If you let of Vipra's hand, she isn't going to disappear." Niall said pointing to their locked hands. I let out a small laugh. He let go of Vipra's hand slowly and she kissed him on the cheek. 

" Let's go." Nick said. The two groups split up and went their ways.  I think that Nick and I will make good friends. We both have crazy girlfriends. I knew we all had questions for him, so i started off.

" How long have you been with Vipra?" I question Nick.

" Just over an year now." Nick answers as he pays for his smoothie. " Do you guys actually want to shop or just do a one on five with Nick?" He asks slurping his smoothie.

" One on five with Nick." We all say at the same time. " Let's go to the food court and talk over food." Niall suggested. We nod in agreement.  While walking to the food court,.I spotted a really cute top in one of the stores that would look great on Sarah.

"Guys, one minute. I need to buy something." The top was army green and it read ' I'm only going in one direction' in black and had a lace back. It was a perfect gift for my little cookie monster. I quickly payed for the top and headed out.

The next few hours consisted of us boys asking Nick questions and getting to him. " Nick why don't you take Vipra on a date to make up for all the days you haven't been able to spend time with her?" I suggest. " I'm taking Sarah on a date tonight, why don't you plan something for Vipra."

" That's a great idea. I know the perfect place." He said making notes in his phone. 

" Did you guys miss us? We kind of lost track of time and forgot to come back to he food court half way through. Let's go home now." Vipra said, sitting down in Nick's lap.

On the way home Sarah, Vipra and I rode in Nick's car. I was much more comfortable in this car. Once we got to Sarah, Maddie, and Vipra's house I gave Sarah the top.

" Sarah, I got this for you." I said, handing her the bag. She rummaged through the bag and pulled out the top. 

"Aww. Thank you Harry! I love it! I am going to go try it on right now!" she said racing up the stairs.

When she got down we were all sitting in the lounge area. " Don't I look fabulous?" Sarah aked.

"You look adorbs!" Vipra said. 

" I am only going in one direction." Zayn read. Things went quiet.

"I've got it!" Niall yelled. " Let's name our band One Direction." He yelled even louder.

"OMG! I love it!" The three girls screamed together.

" I could design your logo.To One Direction?" Nick asks

" To One Direction!" We scream.







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