Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


2. Meeting the boys

Louis pov

As we walk down the hall, hand in hand, the memories from childhood rush into my brain like a tidal wave. Playing in the backyard, snowball fights, playing with her dolls, staying up all night talking, helping each other through hare times. Sarah truly is the best sister anyone could ask for. And as independent as she is, i still feel responsible for her. Like shes mine to protect and take care of.

We finally get to where all the other boys are and sarah is much more forward than me.

"hi!" she says cheerily. They all turn to look at us.

"who are you?" niall asks rudely.

"im louis little sister!" she says still very happy despite niall rude outburst.

"well hello!" harry says winking. He goes in for a hug but sarah sticks out her hand for him to shake. Typical sarah.

"nice to meet you...?" she trails off at the end not knowing his name.

"harry," says liam "and this is niall, zayn, and im liam." he points to each boy.

"hi!" sarah squeals, going in to hug each of them Probably just to make harry mad. However niall refuses. Just then sarahs phone beeps. She quickly checks it then sighs.

"what is it lil sis?" i ask.

"its maddie, shes home and she needs me and vipra home to 'disscus important matters'. as she worded it!" she says while waving and walking away. "bye boobear!"

"later sis!" i call after her. Maddie and vipra are her room mates. And by 'important matters' maddie means gossip about boys. Sarah has some strange friends. 

I could tell by the way harry was acting that he was getting ideas about sarah. And being the responsible older brother that i am, I will deal with that before she does.

"no one lays a finger on sarah unless you want you face ripped off and cooking for my car's grease. Capishe?" i say sternly.

"nice to meet you too." niall says sarcastically. "and dont worry, im not interested." whats up with him? Whys he in such a pissy mood?

"i wont mate!" liam says confidently.

"no problem...boobear!" zayn says laughing. "ya what kind of nickname is that?" he asks through fits of laughter.

"sarah gave it to me when we were little. Only she can use it!" i say eyeballing harry. He still hasnt promised to keep away from sarah. He notices me looking and makes up an excuse to leave.

"sorry, gotta go wiz!" he says conviniently sneaking away, running away from us in the oppisite direction of the washrooms. 

After about ten minutes, all other boys leave and i get to chat with niall.

"whats your problem with my sister?" i blurt out before i can think.

"excuse me?" he asks, astonished.

"you heard me!" i say raising my voice "you were just really rude earlier." 

"that, 'boobear' " he mocks sarahs voice "is my buisness not yours!" he screams and storms off.


A/N: hey guys ok so if you love niall (like me) do not fear!! He wont be like this forever. He will get nicer and stuff. But i dont wanna give too much away cause i want you to keep reading on lovlies!!!

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