Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


5. Hanging out

Sarahs pov

When the boys got here we said our hellos and introduced them to maddie and vipra. I was quickly pull away to the kitchen by none other than harry. 

"whats up?" i ask. He looks down. I gently place my index and middle finger under his chin and pull it up so jeres looking at me. I hop up on the counter so were at the same level. "harry, whats wrong?"

"well its just that...i k ow we just met and all...but i really like you and...i was just...would you like too...i mean you dont have to...but do you" he stuttered

"spit it out harry!" i say with a chuckle.

"do you my girlfriend." i felt a rush of shock and flattery run over me. I know i like niall, but harrys not bad right? I know nialls cute and all, but he seems kinda rude and harry is, adorable, and cute, and nice, and just plain perfect. i look up to see harry looking down. His chocolate brown curls covering his beautiful emerald eyes. I lean closer and he looks up. I small grin grows on my face followed by a huge one on harry.

"yes." i whisper looking into his eyes. something in the pit of my stomach is telling me this isnt right. I ignore it.

"what?" he asks

"yes" i repeat his smile widens. "simple but effective." he chuckles slightly before smashing his lips on mine. I was taken off guard but once i prossesed what was happening i kissed back. All the feelings from before tell me this isnt right were gone. All gone! It was perfect. No tounge, no sucking, no one wanting to go any further than we were. Just his lips on mine. Pure bliss. I pull away and look at him. Hes smile is even bigger. I rest my forehead on his as he wraps his hands around my waist and picks me up, removing me from my spot on the counter. He quickly spins me around before gently setting me down, careful not to hurts me. I peck him once more on the nose and grab his hand to walk back with everyone else. 

Louis pov

When sarah and harry finally came out of the kitchen the were holding hands. What happened in there? was it bad? I trust sarah, its harry i dont trust. how could i trust him after i speciffically tell him not to do something then he goes and does it? I stand and drag harry out of the room before he has a chance to sit down. 

"what did you do?!" i whisper-shout at him. His smile seemed so happy, so real. Until i whiped it off his face with my words

"what?" he asks, taken aback by my out burst.

"what did you do?" i asks slightly slower and much more aggravated. 

"i asked out sarah!" he smiles softly at her name "and she said yes. That was her desision not yours! I like your sister, i may even love her. and you cant change that." that stung. im her big brother. not him. i know her. he doesnt. i know whos right for her. and its not him. 

"i told you to stay away, styles. i dont want her getting hurt, which she will with you. she'll get hate and she wont be able to see you. i know her. she will get jealous of the female attention. i dont want that life for her." i say

"i wont hurt her. and i will ignore the attention. and i will make time for her. she wont get hurt. i promise and its about time you live your own life. let sarah live sarahs life. and let louis live louis life. give it a rest!" he screamed and walk out of the room.

i sat there letting what he said sink in. let her live her life. i guess i have been kinda over protective. i just dont want her getting hurt. after it all sinks in i walk into the room where everyone else is.  sarah is snuggling up to harry who has his arm around her. i pause for a moment before continuing. let her live her life. everyone is talking, even niall. i sit in between sarah and maddie. sarah swiches from resting her head on harrys ahoulder to resting it on mine. its comforting to know im still the tip guy in her life.

nialls pov

as i got to know sarah, shes actually really nice. and sweet. and cute. and funny. oh god! am i falling for her? no i cant be. im suppose to hating any girl that comes into my life. my music comes first. i cant fall. not now not ever. besides her and harry are a thing now. still i feel bad for being rude. 

"sarah,can i talk to you in the kitchen?" i ask. she looks up at louis and harry who both nod. then glance at me as if to say 'dont try anything'. i nod, understanding their eyes. we head to the kitchen. 

"what do you want Irish? i was quite comfortable on the couch!" she spat. she is clearly still mad.

"i already get a nickname huh?" i ask. i get a glare in return. "look i just wanted to say sorry for being rude earlier. i was out of line. i just dont want any girls getting in the way if my music and i figured the best way to do that was by blocking them out completely." he scoul slowly faded changing to a smile. 

"its ok i guess. and i wont get in your way. my brother might though. hes kinda weird." she gives me a weird demented face.

"so are you i guess!" i say.

"watch it Irish!" she says before walking out. Irish. i like it. no! im not falling. i head back out not long after to find everyone but sarah asleep. we share a glance. she runs to a room and returns with 5 different coulor perminant markers. green, purple, blue, orange and of course, black! sje smirks and removes the cap of black after throwning green and orange to me. we comense couloring on everyone. mustaches, polka dots, lines, and on the girls a little eye liner. sarah even drew a top hat on louis and signed harrys forehead. we both took pictures and she fumbled around with her phone before all our phones beeped, buzzed or rang. i pulled out my phone. she had tweeted the pictures.

@sarah_tommo: aha! me and Irish pulled a prank on everyone! great start to a band! ;p #Irish+Tommo

in less than ten minute our phones blew up with responses.

'are you to a couple?'

'i ship Siall!' 


'#Siall. love you guys!'

'can you guys follow me (btw i ship #Siall)' 

i tweeted 

relax, me and @sarah_tommo arent a couple. were just friend pulling a prank.

later sarah replied.

@sarah_tommo: Irish is right. were just friends. nothing more.

we both fell asleep soon after on the floor. it was a good night and i realized something. it is impossible to control when you fall in love.

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