Tommo's Lil' Sis

Hi, my name is Sarah Tomlinson. Or im better known as tommos lil sis. You may think being the sister or a world wide superstar sucks. And normally id agree with you. However, Louis different. Sure it sucks sometimes, we bicker like normal siblings and sometimes everyone knowing everything about you is kinda creepy. But louis is my life. And i know that will never change.


3. Disscusing important matters

On the drive home all i could think about was niall. Did he hate me? Why would he hate me? Did i say something? Was it something i did?did he hate lou and that just rubbed off on me? Who would hate lou? What did lou do? All these questions ran through my mind but there was one main one. Did niall like me? Somehow the other questions all lead back to that one. The only thing thats for sure is that niall is going to be one of the 'important matters' we disscus!

Niall, niall, niall. I just want to know what he thinks of me. I know i like him, i just dont know how much. And harry cute too right. I guess if niall really doesnt like me, he wouldnt be bad as a shoulder to cry on. Im so confused!

"IM HOME!!" my voice rang through the rooms and halls finding maddie and vipra in our gigantic pent house that i need a map to find my way around in it. I have to admit it,its a pretty sweet house. And splitting it between 3 girls makes it very good. With all of us splitting it evenly it came to $20.50 a month. Not bad right?

"SARAH!!!!!" maddie scream like a little kid. I swear her and lou would be such a cute couple. They're so compatable. But neither would go for it. Maddie says it would be weird to date her besties big brother and lou says it would be weird to date his sisters best friend. 

"hey..." vipra says, absorbed in her twitter as usual. 

"whats new in the world of twitter?" i ask her.

"well, funny thing. A certain boy named harry styles tweeted a picture of your back and said 'isnt she lovely? Cant wait to see you again @sarah_tommo!' please fill us in?" vips says peering up at me.

"oh...heehee, did he now?" i say awkwardly "hehe" i put on a huge smile and tried to look pleasant. "i was kinda hopping that could be one of the 'important matters' we disscus!"  maddie and vipra look at each other, then me, then each other, then me. Huge smiles slowly spread on their faces. 

"step into my office," maddie says stepping towards 'her office'. 

"I-" i start but was cut off.

"my office...?" she motions me in.

"and start at the begining!" vipra adds raising and eyebrow.

"i will." i mumble walking into her office A.K.A. Our TV room. They sit down oppisite of me. No one talks for a good 3 minutes, thit is until maddie speaks up.

"were waiting?" she and vipra nod.

"well first, louis made it through." they all cheered. "however, simon put him in a group with 4 other guys. One of which," pause for dramatic effect. "is harry." gasps surround me as if im being swallowed whole.

"oh my gosh. Does he like you?" maddie whisper screams.

"i guess." i mumble.

"well he obviously does. The real question is: do you like him back?" vipra mentions.

"well," i take a big breath before continuing. "i know i like niall but harrys not that bad, right? I mean hes kinda cute butniall, hes just so hot and his hair and his eyes, oh, his electric blue eyes. i mean, i guess harrys not that bad. If i doesnt work out with niall-" i spoke really fast before being cut off by maddie.

"wait! Whos niall?" 

""oh, the boys that lou was put in a group with is Liam, Zayn, Harry, obviously, and Niall." i inform them "anyways niall is really, really cute but when i introduced myself he was really rude, like he didnt like me. But that was the first time i ever met him. How did he already hate me? Am i a bad person? Am i really that bad?" i ask myself more than them.

"sarah!" maddie screams sternly. 

"what?" i look up at her, noticing for the first time that tears were lining my eyes. Threatening to spill over.

"no one is worth your tears. and if theres one that is, they wont make you cry." well that just made me burst into tears. Why? Because thats exactly what louis said to me when i experienced my very first heart break. And maddie knew that. She also know that once he said that i cried for less than a minute then i was fine. Which is what i hope to happen now. 

And it did. With in minutes i was laughing along with them over random stories and random chicken little quotes. I am so lucky to have friends like maddie and vipra. Thats when it finally sinks in. I have the best and only life i could ever want. Amazing friend, even better brother, i have people that would break their backs to make me happy. and for that, i am thankful!


A/N: hey guys. So we now have 3 favorites and its been less than 48 hours!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!! I love y'all so much and i know im not a good writer. And you dont need to please me by saying i am. I know im not so just...ya. Please keep writing, tell your friends, alert the neighbours!!! Tell the whole town!!!  the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!! (chicken little reference!) ill try to update tommorow! Until then, im sarah horan!!

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