3. Makeover

   "Shane, I'd follow you anywhere! But... I don't want to leave here..." Catie sighed.

   "There has to be something else we can do," Shane begged.

   "You can stay here with me! Would your dad go door-to-door looking for you like a girl scout?"

   "Unfortunately, he probably would. He wants me dead, Catie.  He'll do whatever he can to get me."

   "Look, Shane, I don't care if it'll cost me my life. I'm going to do everything I can to protect you."

   "I love you, Catie," Shane said, looking directly in her eyes.

   "Uh...." Catie was speechless.

   Instead of saying something, Catie started kissing Shane. 

   "I know what we can do so your dad won't recognize you! Makeover time!" Catie called out.

   "Eh... I don't know," Shane sighed.

   Shane tried many styles on.

   "I don't think so," Catie sighed at the first style.

   "Skater definitely isn't me, and b-t-w, I like my actual hair colour the way it is!" Shane protested against the first style.

   He changed to a second outfit.

   "A wig?! Hell no! This sucks even more!"

   "Awww, Shane you look cute!" Catie giggled.

   "Let me just.. be myself... please?" Shane disgusted this outfit.

   "Sure... go change. I'm going to fix my hair."

   "Um, does your brother have any V-necks or plain T-shirts?"

   "Wow Shane, I never realized how cute you are!"

   "Haha funny. You're joking, right?" Shane looked at the ground.

   They laid in the bed, kissing. Making out. Shane got up, and found a grey V-neck.

   "Shane, get ready. I'm taking you out," Catie spoke.

   "Where?" Shane sat at the desk.

   "The park, come on, it'll be fun!" Catie explained.

   "I'll pass, thanks."

   Catie sat on his lap, "Please? For me?"

   "Ugh, fine!"


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