5. Discovery

   They walked into the dark alleyway. It was really dark. Yes, it was night, but most alleys in that town had lights.

   "Well, here we are. This is my place," Andrew looked at Shane.

   They walked into the door of Andrew's room. There was a "kitchen," a bed, a couch, and a nice place to live. 

   "Hey, this place is pretty nice actually," Shane looked around.

   Andrew didn't respond, he was looking in the corner, where another special visitor was waiting.

   "Shut up. Now you're going to listen to me. Do you understand?!" Andrew screamed at Shane.

   "Huh? What's going on?!" Shane shook his head.

   "I can't tell you what's going on. But, I'll tell you what you are. An idiot."

   "What?! Are you crazy?" Shane whispered.

   Suddenly, it hit him! Andrew's fist anyway. Shane stood up, and rubbed his back, "Dude! What's your issue?!"

   "It's not mine, it's yours. You'd better be worried, my friend," Andrew looked at Shane with evil eyes, "You might not make it out of this alive."

   "Wha... what?" Shane stuttered.

   Andrew chained Shane's hand behind his back.

   "Now, get down on your knees," Andrew spoke angrily.

   Andrew started beating Shane up. Kicking him, and stomping on him. Punching him. Hurting Shane in anyway possible. Shane's nose was bleeding, and his lip was busted. He didn't know what was happening.

   "I'll hand it to you, you're tough. It's nearly unbelievable that you aren't unconscious yet... but not quite."

   "Well, what do you expect? I've been through some deep shit, but you wouldn't understand."

   "You'd be expected..." Andrew whispered.

   Andrew punched Shane again. Right in the gut. The other special visitor came out... and you'll never guess who it is...


Catie's House...

   Where is he??? It's almost midnight. Well, it's not my business anyway. He'll be back soon.

   Catie thought to herself, before climbing into bed.


Andrew's Place... The Special Visitor is out.

   Shane is tied to a chair, in an empty room. Nothing but him, and the chair. The door opens and in walks his father. 

   "Well, I finally found you. It took me longer than I expected. I didn't make you out to be such a clever kid, I'll give you that."

   "Look, kill me if you want, but please, just answer my question," Shane spit out.

   "That depends, spit it out."

   "Why did you kill her? When I was younger... our lives were blissful. What happened to the dad I knew and loved?"

   "Life changes people. I changed. I never aspired to be a lovely father. I thought I did, but I soon realized after your childhood, that I wasn't happy. I wanted money, and the easiest way to get money-"

   "Was to kill my MOM?!?!" Shane screamed.

   "She was my WIFE for god sakes," His father protested.

   "How dare you call her that! You used her, and she loved you, but you were fake, and you still are! I bet you don't have the guts to kill your own son."


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