2. 2 Months Later

   "Catie... please let me in," Shane pleaded, and he walked in.


   "Please, I'm really sorry. I didn't want to make you uncomfortable or anything. I just like you a lot. Please forgive me."

   "It's okay! I missed you! Why didn't you come back sooner? I forgive you. I over reacted." Shane and Catie hugged tightly, "Seriously, Shane, you need a haircut!"

   "I know, I know. I don't really have a lot of money, so I think I'll be able to live with girl hair for a while. So... what are you all dressed up for tonight?"

   "Junior prom is tonight... you caught me at a bad time though. My date should be here any minute."


   "Yeah... his name is Jacob," Catie looked at the door, as she heard something from outside, and in walked Jacob.

   "Hey Cate... ready to go?" Jacob asked politely.

   "I'll be back soon, don't worry. You can stay here if you want," Catie reassured Shane. 

   Catie and Jacob left out the door, and left Shane standing there.

   I need to tell her. If I don't, she might be in danger. This is bad, really bad. I promised myself I wouldn't make connections to people. If he finds me, I'll have to leave, and I'll never see Catie again. That would break my heart. But if I stay, he'll track us both down. She could get killed, and I'll never forgive myself again. No matter, I'll have to tell her when she gets back. Then we can decide together. 

Several Hours Later...

   "Shane! I'm back!" When Catie walked in the room, it was empty, "Shane??"

   "Chill, I'm right here."

   "Oh! Shit, you scared me!" Catie screamed, "Dammit, Shane! Why are you always up there anyway?"

   "Listen, I have to tell you something really important. You have to listen to me, Okay?!"

   "Okay... what is it?"

   "Well, since I ran away a year ago, my dad's been looking for me. I think he found me, and I'm not safe here."

   "What? Why aren't you?"

   "It's kind of a long story..." Shane looked away.

   "Well, I've got time, so tell me," Catie still looked at him.

   "Fine...." Shane sighed.


   My mom had recently been murdered, and my dad and I were just getting back to normal in our lives. I was looking online for studies in forensics, and how to catch a criminal. When I came across an article about my mother:

Local mother murdered

Police suspect Alice Gray's husband, Paul Gray may

have been the man to kill her. Nothing is certain,

but there is a chance, considering she was last seen

on that dreadful night with him.

CNN news will keep you updated with the search.

   "No.. it can't be... You killed her, didn't you?! You wanted the money for yourself!" Shane yelled at his father.

   "You can't prove anything! You have no evidence," His father yelled back.

   "Or do I..." Shane said, looking around.

   His briefcase had all his secrets in it... from what he did everyday. To how he felt about his family, and his wife. 

   "That's a good place to look!" Shane spoke.

   In the briefcase, I found latex gloves, and several tools, perfect for murder.

   "No, no, no! This can't be happening! What happened?!" Shane had a look of confusion in his tone. "Mommy..."

   I didn't know how it had happened... I thought our lives were perfect. 

   "Dammit." His father cursed under his breath.

   "You monster..." Shane couldn't even look at his own father. "I'm going to tell everyone!"

   I threatened to tell everyone, but he said he would kill me, so I left... He's still chasing me, trying to make sure the secret doesn't get out. But, now it's too late, isn't it?

   "I'm so sorry," Catie was hugging Shane.

   "It's fine.. But I need to leave, please come with me," Shane looked in her eyes.


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