1. The Meeting

   "Dammit, I'm lost!" Catie spoke.

   Catie suddenly saw a boy by a tent, without a shirt. She got really confused by why he was there, so she walked over to have a little chat with him. She had to say he was pretty cute, once she was closer. 

   "Umm... who are you?" She questioned him.

   "Go away," he spoke angrily.

   "Are you okay?" Catie stepped back a little. Then he got up and turned away. "Don't you just turn your back on me like that when I am talking to you!"

   What the hell? the boy thought.

   "Could you be any louder? I'm trying to remain unnoticed here."

   "What the- Stupid bees!" Catie screeched, and the boy laughed at her.

   "You get used to them after a while..." He spoke, "I'm Shane, and you are?"

   "What's to you?" Catie asked.

   "I don't know."

   "I'm Catie." She sat down, "So you live here?"

   Shane sat across from here, "Yup... been living here for about six months now." They had a little chat about themselves.

   "Well, I'll leave you alone. I gotta go," Catie spoke roughly.

   "Wait!" Shane called after her. "Here's my number," He handed her a small piece of paper.

   "Um... thanks. Bye."

   They shared a small hug, and Shane called after her, "Wait, you forgot your groceries!" 

   Catie protested, "Take them."'

   A Week Later...

   Catie was dancing in the corner of her room, when she heard a noise from outside.

   What the Fudge?

   She didn't see anything from inside, so she went out onto her porch. Shane startled her, as he was sitting on a tree branch right by her porch.

   "Bout time you noticed me!" He complained, "I've been sitting here for hours!"

   "God dammit, Shane! You could of gave me a heart attack!"

   "Ha, yeah I did, you should've seen your face!"

   "I hate you so much right now. Just get up here before you fall and die."

   "Kay, fine," And with that Shane was on the porch, "Sorry about that."

   "Don't expect me to let you off the hook that easily."

   "I... didn't....." Shane spoke tiredly.

   "Crap! It's hailing! Let's get inside." Catie held onto her head for safety. "So is that really the only clothes you own?"

   "Actually, yes. My only shirt got stuck on a tree and ripped up."

   "Well, although I know you only walk around shirtless to appeal teenage girls, I'm going to do you a favour."

   "Wait- What?!" Shane shook his head confused.

   "Chill out, I'll be right back."

   Catie got up and walked out of the room, leaving a stunned Shane sitting on the floor. She came in with some of her brother's old clothes from his bedroom.

   "Catie, this is nice and all, but you don't need to lend me your brother's clothes," Shane walked in, he wore a blue plaid shirt, some dark blue jeans, and a pair of gym shoes.. 

   "Damn, Shane, you're looking pretty sexy."

   "Yeah, I know," Catie giggled while Shane struck a pose.

   Catie and Shane lied on the floor together, wrapped around each other. They fell asleep that way last night, and it was early morning. Around 7:00 a.m. 

   "Catie, wake up."

   "What the hell!" Catie screeched.

   "I'm sorry," Shane held his face, "You looked cold last night, and I couldn't find a blanket. I didn't know where to look, and I didn't want to leave the room incase-"

   Catie suddenly kissed him.

   "I... uh... wow," Is all Shane could say.

   "Now, get the hell outta my house!"

   Shane was surprised. Catie just kissed him, and is now kicking him out of her house. He walked outside onto her balcony, and jumped over the railing. Landing perfectly on his feet. Catie sat in her computer chair.

   "What did I just do?" She asked herself.


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