Echoing Spark

When Addie James moves to NYC for college, she doesn't expect anything to exciting to happen while she's there. She the pretty brunette with the gorgeous tan skin and big brown eye from North Carolina, just trying to fit in. She has the biggest passion for love but is scared to show it, so Addie does what she knows best- captures it. While on a walk in central park taking photos, Addie comes face to face with her favorite boy band member from One Direction, Harry Styles. Ups and down will come between them, but won't stop them from having the time of there life. As there relationship grows stronger will you notice the spark too?


9. Those Eyes

Addie’s POV-

Perrie and I were finishing up our makeup and then heading off for the concert. I was all jumpy and excited for the night to come. We got into the car and were off to the venue. “Are you nervous about spending the night with Harry?” Perrie asked. I shook my head and laughed, “Nah, he makes me feel comfortable.” “Oh, so you guys have alright, yeah know.” She smirked. “What! No, no, no. We aren’t even an official couple yet.” I said, ranting on and on. “Exactly, yet. Keyword there, girly.” She smiled.  I hope she was right, because I have been waiting for what seems like forever and still nothing.

The boys were jumping around and being their crazy self’s like always.  I smiled to myself, trying to figure out how I became so lucky.  Dani, El, Perri and I were screaming the whole night, supporting our boys. I even managed to talk to some of their fans behind me. A lot of them were really sweet and then some really weird.

 The show finished and Paul escorted us backstage.  I was the last to walk up the stairs when two hands basically lifted me up the last two steps. I looked up to see the beautiful green eyes staring at me. I giggled and kiss his lips. He put me down and grinned, “How was it?” “It was amazing!” I smiled. He thanked me by kissing my whole face, making me laugh even more. “Ok you two love birds, ready to head back for drinks?” Louis called, hugging Eleanor closely to his side. We followed out to the cars and rode back to the hotel for drinks.

Harry was right about one thing. Niall was the funniest drunk ever. He had the whole table laughing and never left a glass empty. I was only sipping on my drink, not wanting to be drunk and having a hangover the next morning. El and Dani were already tipsy and having a hard time finishing the sentences. Harry was having a beer, but was not even close to be drunk. I was relieved, knowing I would have to deal with a drunken Harry.

 “Want to head to the room?” Harry whispered into my ear.  I looked him straight in the eyes and nodded. “Well, were out. See you all in the morning.” Harry said to the group, grabbing my hand. “Don’t be too loud.” Louis smirked, looking at me. I blushed, and buried my head into Harry’s chest. “I could say the same to you.” Harry shot back to Lou, kissing my head.  We walked into the elevator, quickly crashing our lips onto each other. “Did I mention that your skirt is doing wonders on you?” He growled into my ears. My eyes went big and he laughed, gently squeezing my bum. The elevator dinged and he dragged me to his suite. Once inside he slipped my jacket off and lift me up to wrap my legs around his waist. I was kissing his neck and found his sweet spot. A moan came from his lips, making me laugh at his reaction. I was defiantly teasing him, making him want more. He tossed me onto the bed and ripped his shirt off, crawling on top of me.  He held his weigh above me, curls falling from his face. I swept them out of his eyes, and he smiled at me. I poled him into a light kiss having him pull away.  I looked at him confused and he had a serious look on his face. “Addie…” I kept staring into his green orbs and found myself lost in them.  “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, confident of his question. I stopped breathing for a second, and just studied his face. He looked nervous and hopeful at the same time. “Yes” I smiled.  A huge smile crossed his face and then he crashed his lips onto mine. With that He started to underdress me and let’s just say we didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.


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