Echoing Spark

When Addie James moves to NYC for college, she doesn't expect anything to exciting to happen while she's there. She the pretty brunette with the gorgeous tan skin and big brown eye from North Carolina, just trying to fit in. She has the biggest passion for love but is scared to show it, so Addie does what she knows best- captures it. While on a walk in central park taking photos, Addie comes face to face with her favorite boy band member from One Direction, Harry Styles. Ups and down will come between them, but won't stop them from having the time of there life. As there relationship grows stronger will you notice the spark too?


5. Nerves, Dancing, and Alcohol

Addie’s POV-

My feet were glued to the floor. I panicked a little inside, looking for a way out. Harry gave me a confused look, and I couldn’t look him in the eyes. My heart was racing, to the point it was going to stop all together. Harry managed to pull me through the crowd of cameras, inside the building. I felt so foolish when we reached inside; Harry just looked at me with shock and worry in his eyes. “Are you alright?” he asked. “I um… I don’t know.” I whispered. I felt him wrap his arms around me, giving me a tight squeeze.  He pulled away grabbing both of my hands, “If this is too much for you, let me know. I don’t want to scare you away.” He smirked. I relaxed a little and smiled up at him, “Never.”

                We walked hand in hand into the party room, which was filled with so many people. I scanned the room for Willow but she was nowhere to be seen. There was star after star in the room, making my head spin from excitement. I didn’t notice that Harry started a conversation with a ginger fella. My eyes got all big when I realized Ed Sheeran was standing right in front of me. He must have noticed my reaction because he turned to me and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Ed.” He smiled. “Addie” I said, returning the gesture.  “This here is my one and only best ginger mate.” Harry grinned. I laughed at his cheesy statement, feeling more comfortable than before.

We made our way over to our table where I was greeted by all the boys. Seconds later, a very beautiful brown headed girl hit Louis in the chest. “Well aren’t you going to introduce us?” she asked. “Oh yeah, my bad. Eleanor, Addie. Addie, Eleanor.” He said. “Nice to meet you” I smiled, reaching out my hand. She quickly pushed my hand back and gave me a huge hug. Like literally, I couldn’t breathe. How can someone that small be so strong? She let go of me and squealed, “It’s so nice to finally meet you! Louis mentioned something about maybe going shopping? Because let me tell you, this girl knows how to shop.”  I let out a small laugh and nodded my head. “Yeah, I would love to have a shopping day!” I said. “Great, how’s tomorrow sound?” Eleanor asked. “Perfect.” We exchanged numbers and talked for a little longer until Eleanor pulled me away from the table to the opposite side of the room.  I turned my head to see Harry laughing at one of Louis’ dumb jokes.

Once we were on the other side, I was greeted by Liam and Zayn’s girlfriends. They were so down to earth like El, and I could already tell the four of us were going to be great friends. Danielle and Perri also wanted to go shopping with us, so we all could get to know each other better. After talking and dancing with them for about 20 minutes I went to look for Harry. As I was walking through the crowd, I was stopped by someone calling my name; I looked around to see Willow dancing my way. I shot her a wave and went over. “Hey! I was looking all around for you.” She said. “Sorry doll, busy place. How’s it going with Niall? I asked. “Good, good! He’s a great friend.” She smiled. “Friend?” I questioned. “Yep, friend. It’s just how we see each other. I nodded, “I’m glad you’re having fun, but I need to find Harry so I’ll see yea later!” I shouted over the music. She waved and was off.

As I searched for Harry I met tons of people, some I can’t even remember their names. The ones that did stick were, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, and Cher Lloyd. I had a blast when meeting Cher. We went crazy on the dance floor, goofing off and having a great time. But I haven’t seen Harry in almost an hour or two, so I continued to look for that curly boy.

Harry’s POV

The lads and I were busy greeting everyone, and thanking them for coming. It was all going as plan and it seemed like everyone was having a great time. I wasn’t sure were Addie disappeared to with Eleanor, so Louis and I grabbed a drink from the bar. “We leave on Thursday, right?” Louis asked, taking a sip of his drink. I nodded, waiting for him to continue. “What are you going to do about Addie when you have to leave then?” he pressed. “What do you mean, what am I going to do?” I asked a tad annoyed. “Well is it like a summer vacation romance?” Louis added. I don’t if it was the alcohol or the late hour talking, but I snapped at him. “You’re joking, right? She is more than that.” And just like that, I walked away looking for my Addie.

I spotted her with Simon and felt relieved to find her. I came up behind her and slipped by arm around her waist. She looked up and smiled. “There you are!” She beamed. “Here I am.” I laughed, kissing her forehead.  I reached out my hand out to Simon and said my thanks for everything, and headed with Addie to the dance floor.

We had a fantastic time dancing the night away with everyone and whatever happened between Louis and I was forgotten. It was going for one in the morning and I was ready to go. “Want to head out?” I asked Addie. “Sure” She smiled. We said goodbye to our little group and headed to her dorm.

                We arrived back to her dorm, almost two now. “Want to stay the night?” she asked. At first it surprised me that she asked, but then I felt myself smirking at her. Her face flushed and her hand slapped my arm. “I was only talking about sleeping, so don’t get your hopes up Styles.” She shot back at me opening the door. I let out a laugh and followed her inside. She slipped off her heels and was picking some clothes out of her closet. “Be right back.” She called heading to the bathroom. I slipped off my shirt and blazer, and then followed my pants. I stood just in my boxers and slipped into the bed. Addie came out a couple minutes later. She had on a Beatles shirt and a pair of yoga shorts, which was defiantly working for her. (outfit)

“Comfortable, huh?” She teased. “Yes, very.” I smiled, pulling her onto the bed. We just laid there for a few minutes, throwing some playful kisses into the mix. The silence was broke by Addie, “Thursday will be here before we know it.” She whispered. I wrapped my arms around her, “I know.” I said quietly. With that, I fell asleep with the girl of my dreams.

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