Echoing Spark

When Addie James moves to NYC for college, she doesn't expect anything to exciting to happen while she's there. She the pretty brunette with the gorgeous tan skin and big brown eye from North Carolina, just trying to fit in. She has the biggest passion for love but is scared to show it, so Addie does what she knows best- captures it. While on a walk in central park taking photos, Addie comes face to face with her favorite boy band member from One Direction, Harry Styles. Ups and down will come between them, but won't stop them from having the time of there life. As there relationship grows stronger will you notice the spark too?


3. Luck is it?

Addie’s POV

I was lost.  I looked all around and saw nothing but fog. As I turned around there stood Harry with one red rose in his hand. He walked toward me and… “Get up, get up! I want to hear all about your date!” yelled Willow, while shaking me awake.

“Ahh. What time is it?” I asked, still lost in my dream. “8:30, now tell.” She demanded. I sat up and pulled my blankets back onto me. “Ok, ready?” I asked. She nodded for me to continue. “Well his driver took us to Rocket Fella Center and then we went ice skating. Oh and some fans got pictures with us. After that we found a cute bakery were we shared a piece of pie and then he walked me home.”

 I looked over to see Willow’s mouth wide open and lost at words. That was a first for her. “Willow?” I asked. She was still not saying anything so I threw a pillow at her. “Hey!”  She laughed. We ended up having a pillow fight like we were 12 again.

After we finally calmed down and got a hold of ourselves, Willow asked “So did you get to meet Harry’s lips last night?” I could tell my cheeks were turning red, “Shut up! I got to get a shower. ““We aren’t done talking about this missy.” She giggled. “Ok Mom, have fun at class.” I laughed, closing the bathroom door.

  I hopped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to put on. My hair was a wild mess with wet curls everywhere. I went into my room looking for something to wear, knowing Willow was already at class I took a look in her closet. Just then my phone when off and I looked everywhere for it.  “Where the heck is it?” I looked down at all the pillows Willow and I tossed and finally found it.

“Hello?” I said without looking to see who it was. “” Good morning Beautiful” said the other line. I giggled, “Hi Harry.” “What are you doing right now?” he asked. “Getting ready, why?” I asked. “I was wondering if you would like to have breakfast with the lads and me.” He asked. “Sure!” I smiled. “10 work for you?” he asked again. “Perfect, I’ll be over soon. Bye.” I said “Bye Addie.” He replied.

It was 9:20 and I had to hurry. After digging though both Willow’s and my closet, I decided on a cute greenish-blue striped sweater, some comfy jeans, and brown leather boots with wool leg warmers. For my makeup I just put some foundation and eye liner on, and called it good.  I looked at my phone to see that it was already 9:43 and that I needed to leave now. I took a look in the mirror and noticed that I didn’t do anything with my hair. Oh well, it was super curly and I actually didn’t mind it today.

I arrive at their hotel and look around the lobby for Harry. Nowhere to be seen, I pull got my phone to give him a call… “Addie?” a familiar voice asked. I looked over to see Louis coming my way. Inside I was freaking out but I tried to play it cool. “Hi, I’m Addie, nice to meet you.” I smiled. “Nice to meet you as well, I’m Louis.” He grinned. “Harry had to finish getting pretty for you, so I offered to bring you up.” He teased. “Haha alright sounds good.” I laughed. I followed him to the elevator and we headed up. He told me that Eleanor was coming later that afternoon and that we should go shopping. I of course told him I would love to.  We reached their floor and headed to his and Harry’s room. He took his key out and opened the door for me.

“Harry, I found someone for you!” Louis called. “On my way.” shouted Harry from a different room. “Here, have a seat.” Louis said pointing to the couch. “Thanks.” I said.

Harry came dashing into the living room over to where I was sitting. He had on a red plaid shirt, jeans, and his white converses. He bent down on his knee and leaned in for a kiss. I smiled and placed my hands on his cheeks. It was a short but sweet kiss, considering Louis was sitting right by us. “Hello.” I smiled. “Hi.” Harry said in a sweet whisper.  He got up and pulled me up with him. “Shall we go?” Harry asked. “”What about the other boys? I questioned. “Their meeting us at the diner,” Louis said reassuringly.

Harry grabbed my hand and we all headed out. Their management took us out the back way so the fans didn’t make a big deal about me with the boys. I felt relief when Steve told me that. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to meet their fans… but not now. I didn’t feel like getting hated on for being with Harry and who knows how long that would last.

We were in the car when Harry whispered into my ear, “Whatcha thinking about?” I was looking out the window and completely zoned out. “Everything.” I whispered back. He nodded and left it at that. I appreciated the way he let it go. I turned my attention back on Louis and Harry, who were talking about what they would do over Christmas break.

We made it to the diner, were Liam, Zayn, and Niall gave me a giant bear hug and we introduced ourselves. The waitress came by and took our orders and then silence hit the table. It was soon filled with Liam asking “So Addie, what are you studying?” ”Photography,” I answered back. “Yeah, I saw her in the park yesterday taking pictures.” Harry smiled. “Creepin on her, huh?” Zayn teased. “Funny.” Harry said with an annoyed look on his face. “No, he was pushed into me.” I shot back at Zayn jokingly. “Oh yes, we heard this story about 100 times last night. Or at least I did.” Louis grinned.

I kissed Harry on the cheek, letting him know we are only joking. He responded by putting his hand on my thigh. Our food arrived and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

 It was 11:15 and we were all ready to get out of there. Louis was heading to the airport to pick Eleanor up and the other three boys were going to look around the city. Leaving the whole day for Harry and me.

“What would you like to do?” Harry asked. We were just wondering down different streets, seeing if anything brought interest to us. “How about we rent some movies and head back to one of our places.” I said. “Sounds good to me.” smiled Harry.

We got back to Harry’s room and made our way to the bedroom to watch a movie. He popped in, The Lucky One, and then went crashing onto the bed. I just stood looking at him with a grin on my face. “What?” He asked.  “Nothing” I smiled while shaking my head. “Then come over here.” He said, reaching his hand out for mine. I took his hand and he threw me on top of him. He started to tickle me “Harry” I couldn’t stop laughing. “Please stop!” I giggled. “Hm… maybe.” He chuckled. I managed to break free of him and move to the opposite side of the bed.

He crawled over to me and opened his arms for me to lie in. We must have been asleep for a while because it was already 5:15. I reached for my phone trying not to wake Harry.  I had three messages.

Wilson: “Hey sis, when you get back we need to hit the new cupcake shop! Give me a call when you’re free. Miss ya kid. J”.

I smiled down at my phone, oh Wilson you always have food on your mind.

Willow: “I’ll be at the library for the rest of the night.): Hope you are having fun!!!”

I kept scrolling and saw I had a message from a classmate in my photography class.

Matt: “Hey Addie, want to meet up after class to get our photos developed?”

I responded back to all of them and put my phone on the night stand. I turned back to find Harry watching me. I flinched and wacked him on the arm. “Hey what was that for?” He smiled. “You scared the crap out of me.” I said. He said sorry by placing a gentle kiss on my lips. I smiled and played with one of his curls.

“Shouldn’t Louis be back with Eleanor by now?” I asked looking at the time again. “Yeah, I bet he is back by now. He is staying with Eleanor in her room.” He said. I nodded and sat up. 

“I really need to get back to my dorm and finish up an essay for class.” I told him. “No”, he whined. “I’m sorry but its due tomorrow.” “I understand.” He said reassuringly. I got up and went to put my shoes on. Harry made his way to me and we walked to the door.

Harry placed his hands on my hips and we stared into each other eyes. “These past two days have been incredible with you. I really want to get to know you better, because there is something about you that drives me crazy.” Harry grinned. I broke away from looking at him and blushed. No guy has ever had the guts to tell me that. We stood there for a moment in complete silence. I threw my arms around him and kissed him like never before. His warm tongue poked my bottom lip, politely asking for entrance. I accepted and tried to keep up with him. We both pulled apart and smiled.

“I’ll see you later.” I smiled. He leaned in for a goodbye kiss and said “Goodbye, Love.”  I could fell his eyes watching me as I walked to the elevator. I waved to him and then stepped into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, I screamed and did a happy dance. I seriously didn’t understand how I became so lucky.

I got back to my dorm and decided to call my brother before I finished my paper. After about the third ring he picked up. “Hey Addie!” Wilson said cheerfully. “Hey bro. What have you been up to?” I giggled. “The real question is, what have you been up to Add?” He asked. “Um… What do you meaning?” I said, lying between my teeth. “I mean, why are you on the cover of every magazine with a boy from that band you like?” He shot back.

 Busted. It wasn’t like I didn’t want my family to know, but not knowing wouldn’t hurt, right? “I kind of went on a date with that boy, whose name is Harry.” I waited patiently for him to answer back. He never liked me dating, so being in a different state without him protecting me was hard for him to accept. “I just don’t want him to hurt you.” He managed to get out.  “I know. You’re the best brother a girl could ask for ya know.” I smiled. “Right back at ya kid, be careful.” He said. “Promise. Bye Wilson.” “Bye Sis.” He replied.

I had tears falling down my cheeks, that phone call made me miss home even more, thanks Wilson. I pulled my laptop out and spent the rest of the night typing away.

Harry’s POV

Addie just left the hotel, so I went to put sweats on and headed out for something to eat with Niall and Liam. We got in our car and headed to Fat Sal’s Pizza. Niall was bouncing around, all excited to eat there. Liam and I kept sitting on him. “Calm down back there.” Paul warned. “Oh we’re just playing around.” I grinned. “Yeah Paul, lighten up.” Liam smirked. Paul shook his head and turned back around.

We got to the pizzeria and quickly snuck in, before anyone noticed us. The hostess was looking down at her book and didn’t bother to look at us. “How many?” she asked still not looking. “Three” Niall answered. At that moment she lifted her head and looked embarrassed. It was rather funny to us, but we just smiled and followed her to our booth. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and cokes.

“So how’s it going with Addie?” Liam asked. “Good, really good” I smiled. “Are you going to bring her home for the holidays?” Niall chimed in. “Okay lads here is how I see it. We are here for seven more days, meaning I have seven days to charm her.” And I truly believed that I had a chance.


Hi guys! I hope you’re all enjoying Echoing Spark and looking forward to chapters to come. I would love for you guys to feel free to ask me anything and let me know what you think of the fanfic! (:

- abbey <3

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