Echoing Spark

When Addie James moves to NYC for college, she doesn't expect anything to exciting to happen while she's there. She the pretty brunette with the gorgeous tan skin and big brown eye from North Carolina, just trying to fit in. She has the biggest passion for love but is scared to show it, so Addie does what she knows best- captures it. While on a walk in central park taking photos, Addie comes face to face with her favorite boy band member from One Direction, Harry Styles. Ups and down will come between them, but won't stop them from having the time of there life. As there relationship grows stronger will you notice the spark too?


12. Hello England

I never put two and two together when I thought about the trip to England. Number one, I hate waking up early. Two, having a famous boyfriend means and extra amount of people around. Three, the long flight over.

So after that oh so long journey, I'm now in Harry's bedroom unpacking. I would have loved to leave everything in my suitcase, but Harry insisted that I do so. After throwing the last of my things in his closet, I headed downstairs where Harry was making dinner.

"Need help?" I asked, snaking my arms around the back of his waist. He was making some pasta dish that I had no clue what it was, but smelled delicious. "Nope, but try this." He said, turning around with a spoon of sauce on it. I did what he said and realized Harry was an amazing cook. "That's really good." I smiled. He chuckled and swooped in for a kiss. "I like having you here. It actually feels like a home." He smiled. My stomach dropped, knowing that Harry didn't really spend much time at one place,due to traveling so much. He must of saw the distant look from me, "What's wrong?" "Why does something have to be wrong?" I asked. "Because I know when something is up with you" He said. "Well- its just that um.. I'm glad you can call this place home." I smiled. He simply nodded with a kiss on my forehead and went back to cooking.

Twisting and turn was all I seemed to do. I let out a frustrating groan and let my head hit the pillow again. "Babe, relax." Harry mumbled into my hair, drawing me closer. "Ugh, I'm trying. I can't sleep." I whispered back. He let go of my waist and sat in a sitting position on the bed, running his fingers through his hair. "Come here" He said. I did so and straddled his lap. He ran his hands up and down my back, trying to calm me down. "Are you ok?" Harry asked. " Yeah, I'm just not tired I guess." I said, shrugging my shoulders. "You know-" He began, "I know of a way to make you tired." It took me a second to figure out what he was talking about and when it hit, so did my laughter. I let my head fall to his chest, muffling the noise. "So yes then?" He smirked. I rolled my eyes, trying to not focus on Harry. But being the Harry that he was he moved quick to gain my attention again. 

His lips move straight to my neck, soon pulling my shirt above my head. In a matter of seconds he finds my sweet spot and a moan leaves my mouth. My hands fall freely into Harry's hair as he takes my panties off. Before i could even think, he already has two fingers in . I blush at how wet I already am, letting him take complete control. He leaves kisses to the inside of my thighs inching closer to my center. "Ha-rry" My stomach tightens, making my hips buckle for more. Harry notices and draws himself up to toss his boxers to the ground. I smirk to myself at how hard he was. I nod for him to continue and he crawls right back on top ready to enter. Pain flares everywhere making tears silently fall from my eyes. Harry was there to kiss them away, "Sh... Its alright baby." After being still for a moment, I tell him to move and he does in the most gentlest way. Sweat was forming  above his brow line, were his curls were falling into his face. I swept them away, leaving kisses from his neck all the way to his chest. He groaned in approval, picking up on the speed we were going. Pain turned to pleasure and soon my legs went jelly around him. We both rode out our orgasms, with names be called throughout the room. Harry gives me a lazy kiss before falling beside me.

After our breathing gets under control, the room is silent. My eyes were starting to shut and I was finally beginning to fall asleep. I had assumed Harry was already asleep, but in the pitch  black room I heard his raspy voice, " I love you Addie "  A gasp leaves my lips but I soon smile at what he said. I lay across his chest and give him a kiss. "Well good, because I love you too."

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