Echoing Spark

When Addie James moves to NYC for college, she doesn't expect anything to exciting to happen while she's there. She the pretty brunette with the gorgeous tan skin and big brown eye from North Carolina, just trying to fit in. She has the biggest passion for love but is scared to show it, so Addie does what she knows best- captures it. While on a walk in central park taking photos, Addie comes face to face with her favorite boy band member from One Direction, Harry Styles. Ups and down will come between them, but won't stop them from having the time of there life. As there relationship grows stronger will you notice the spark too?


11. Addie James


Harry’s POV-

Christmas came and went, and now I was heading back to the U.S. to surprise Addie. It had been a long 2 weeks sense I’ve seen her and its killing me. I made my way through all the crazy teenage girls and headed inside to find my gate. Looking around, I found gate 34 and headed over. I loaded the plane and took a seat, putting my headphones in to catch some sleep.


Addie’s POV-

I kept running all around my house, searching for cover. I kept letting out fits of laughter when Wilson came close to catching me. Our parents went on a little trip for a couple of days. So it was just my big bro and me for the night. I decided it would be funny to steal the bag of chips he had and make a run for it. But not a very smart move on my part. I kept running around, barely able to breath from all the action going on. Finally I slowed down, giving Wilson the perfect chance to catch me, and catch me he did. He dangled me over his shoulders with my head nearly touching the floor.

“Wilson… stop-“I gasped out. “Not till you say sorry!” he chuckled. “Fine, I’m sorry” I screamed.  “Ok, your forgiven” he smiled. He carried me to the couch and dropped me over, picking a movie from the shelf.  “Pitch Perfect?” He asked. “Oh my gosh, yes yes!!” I grinned. He popped it in and joined me on the couch.

Half way through the movie I noticed Harry never replied to my texts leaving me wondering to what he was up to. I was missing him like crazy, but I knew I needed to trust him if this whole relationship was going to work.

My eyes kept slowly falling shut, hearing Fat Amy talking in the background.

I lifted my head off my pillow to hear a noise coming from downstairs. I faintly remember Wilson carrying me to bed at some point last night, after the movie had ended. I looked over at my clock to see it was only 6:30 in the morning. Once again I heard my brother yelling “Addie, come down here!” “Ugh” I moaned, pulling my sheets down. I let my feet touch the chilled floor, and dashed down the stairs. “Wilson, its 6:30 in the morning, what the hell?!” I yelled, hearing more than one laughter from the doorway. I pulled my tank top up a little and turned into the hallway to find the one and only, Harry Styles.

My mouth fell to the bottom of the floor and I just stood there staring at him. “So should I kick him out or something?” Wilson chuckled. I shook my head, “no!” I quickly sprinted to Harry and jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist. “Well hi there, Baby” He cooed. No words could come out of my mouth so I just kissed him instead. It was a long deep one, forgetting Wilson was behind us coughing a tad to get our attention. “I’m going back to bed, hands off her, Curly.” Wilson said. “Wilson” I gasped, hitting his arm. “Sure thing” Harry smiled.

Wilson went upstairs leaving Harry and me alone. I draped my arms around him again, leaning in for another kiss, but he back away. I gave if a confused look and he said, “Shouldn’t I listen to your brother?” He had on a huge smirk and thought it was all entertaining. “No” with that word he came right to me, kissing my whole face. After a couple minutes, we grabbed his bags and headed up to my room to sleep a little more.

            I lunged for the sheets trying to collect the once warmth of the bed. Harry dropped his bags on the floor and closed the door behind him. I just sat in the blankets while I watched him take his pants and shirt off, leaving him in only his boxers. “Can I help you?” He smirked. “I can’t believe your here.” I smiled. He made his way around the bed and got in, moving me into his lap, straddling him. He placed a soft kiss on my pink lips, making me smile in between. “You’re so adorable “He hummed, kissing my cheek. I blushed and swept my hair to the side. I gave him one more kiss and got off his lap, lying down on the bed. Harry’s arm soon found my body and cuddled me into him. In just minutes we both fell asleep, feeling happier than ever.

Harry’s POV-

I’ve been at Addie’s for about a week and was having a great time with her family and well her. I could totally see myself being a part of this family. Wilson was like another brother to me. We basically finished each other sentences and mess with Addie. Her mom seemed to like me at the start but her dad needed a few days to warm up to me. Ending with me staying in their guest room. But after the couple day of getting to know me, he offered me a beer and we had a good talk. Basically if I break Addie’s heart he will kill me.

 I was right now helping Addie pack to leave for England with me. She still had a month off from school still, so she was going to come stay with me. We haven’t actually got any alone time together in a while so it will be nice to have it just her and me for a bit.

I didn’t realize I was in her lingerie draw, and a smirk came across my face when I saw a pretty small black lace thong. I took it out and stretched it out in front of me. “What do you think of this dress-“Addie asked, turning around from her closet “I like these” I smirked. “Harry” she giggled, running to snatch them from me. “No! Pack these” I said, shoving them into her suitcase. “Ugh, fine only because you’re cute.” She said, giving me a quick kiss. I decided to see if I could further the kiss into more, by crashing my lips into hers, hearing a moan come from her mouth. “Harry-““Shh…its fine” I mumbled. She let my hands roam her body until it finally got a bit heated, leading to us knocking things off her dresser. She let out laughter through the room, causing me to smile at how beautiful she was at this very moment. Her warm breath tickled my ear as she went back to leaving kisses on my neck. Within seconds a knock hit her door. “Are you alright, Add?” Her dad, Scott asked. She jumped away from me and opened her door. “Yeah, fine dad. Harry tripped, he’s pretty clumsy.” She smiled. “Alright, just checking” He said, giving her a kiss on the forehead and a pat on my back. Addie closed the door and pressed me against the wall with her hands. “And that’s why we aren’t doing anything in my room. Plus if we wait you might see me in them panties you like later” She whispered into my ear, kissing me one last time and heading back to pack. I was shocked at her forcefulness and how incredible hot she looked in that state. I want so badly to say those three words that I felt for her. What are you doing to me Addie James?

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