A little bit of Heaven

Just an extract I came up with-experimenting with love.


1. The One Extract

She felt the air around her shift and spun around, looking around her, then down. The road looked gloomy despite the clear blue skies but no-one was there. Satisfied, she turned her attention back to the air. The shift in air as it whirled against her bare legs, pushing her up, felt delicious despite her foul mood. Soon, she'd risen high enough to a small, lonely cloud. Gingerly, she folded her legs on top of it, in a sitting position. The slightly larger density of the air made it easier to support herself but she kept a grasp on the air nonetheless. Frowning, she picked at the air of the cloud, moulding it between her fingers. She didn't move as someone came to mimick her position, opposite to her.
"You shouldn't be up here."
"Neither should you." She retaliated.
"Well, I couldn't leave you up here by yourself."
She looked up at him. His green eyes gazed back at her steadily.
"And why...is that?"
"Planes, people, birds. You're only just a fledgling yourself." He reached out at the cloud air between them and moulded out a heart. They watched as it floated out then disappeared into the air.
"I don't think I can take anymore." She whispered.
"Of course you can. You're strong, you just have to see it through."
"Yes but even if I can, should I have to?! It's so hard, I feel miserable." She felt tears pricking her eyes and looked down.
His voice softened "Hey, everyone has difficulties. Just because you have hard ones, doesn't mean you're unlucky. It means you're stronger, it means things will work out far better for you then for anyone else."
"At what cost?"
He smiled "A cost that's worth the while. Whatever happens, you need to be thankful," the air around her mouth shifted "and smile."
"About what?" She mumbled, picking at the cloud air again. The air around her moved, and suddenly, she felt herself about to fall. She barely had time to move until his arms were around her, holding her up.
"Smile because people love you," he breathed, his face close to hers "I love you."
She was still as he leaned in to press his lips to hers, warm against her mouth. He pulled away, gazing at her. Flooded with warmth, she smiled as she leaned in to kiss him. His lips tasted delicious and she involuntarily shivered with pleasure. He locked his arms more securely around her waist and leaned back. She opened her eyes and pulled away as he guided them down.
"What are you doing?" She whispered. He didn't answer until they were subdued in the cloud, lying down, her on top of him.
"Watch." He answered. She did, looking around them. The setting was intimate, the cloud air masking the world, the only thing she could feel was his body against hers. He pulled up slightly to whisper in her ear
Suddenly, gold light streamed into the cloud, glittering around them, followed by brilliant mixes of gold, red and pink. The colours in the cloud air danced around them, warming their faces.
"Wow...It's beautiful." She sighed in awe, then looked down at him. He was watching her, his face radiant in a smile, flecked with the gold light.
"I love you." she breathed, curling her fingers in his silky gold hair. He chuckled "Nice to hear it."
She frowned slightly "You know I love you. Well, you should."
The side of his mouth pulled up and he looked away "Yeah, you do."
She pulled out her arms from around him and rested them on his chest, holding his face between her palms, forcing him to look at her "Listen. Are you listening?"
He nodded against her hands.
"No, I want you to say it. Are you listening?"
He sighed "Of course I'm listening."
"Good, then I won't lose you. You-" she said, stroking a thumb across his cheek "are maybe, probably, definitely the only person I love and I don't think I'm about to stop just yet. Okay? Were you listening?"
He laughed then, rumbling against her "Yes, yes. I was listening."
"Good." She said, shifting against him "Are you relaxed?"
He furrowed his brow "What?"
She dropped her head onto his chest in mock despair then raised it back up "Am I really that hard to understand?"
He smiled "Yes, I'm relaxed."
She leaned down so their faces were almost touching "Then let go."
She closed her eyes as he leaned in to briefly kiss her then suddenly felt the weight of air drop from underneath them. Adrenaline rushed through her as they dropped from the sky and she gasped as they clung to each other. In what seemed like a couple of seconds, he turned his head to look at the ground and forced air underneath them, stopping them from hitting the ground. They stopped abruptly, her face buried in his neck, hair wild from the rush of wind. Carefully, he manipulated the air to slow their descent until their feet touched the ground, still in each others arms. She looked down around them at the tarmac ground that now supported her feet.
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