Last First Kiss - A Niall Horan Love Story

I danced over to Niall, grabbing his shoulders as he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his torso as I giggled and leaned in to kiss him. He pressed his soft lips to mine and I instantly felt the spark. It was as if I could open my eyes and see the fireworks. As I pulled away I stared into his glowing blue orbs. "Niall, I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too, Adrienne. More than you could ever imagine." he said, sounding as if he had put all his feelings into those few words. I rested my forehead on his, draping my arms around his neck. He smiled and I returned the action as I leaned in and pressed my lips to his once again. Everything around us stopped and we were no longer out with our friends. It was just us and the rain. It was passion in it's best form.


11. I'm Hayley

Adrienne's POV

As we make our way back to the hotel Niall and I swing our arms with our hands intertwined. Louis and I are talking about this prank we want to pull on Liam because we know it will bug him. But not in one of those bad ways where the person never wants to talk to you again, just temporarily. Niall leans over and rests his head on my shoulder. It's kind of awkward though because of our major height difference. Given that he's 3 inches taller than me. Louis laughs at Niall's funny position. "Lou, it's cute." I said to him, trying to hide the smile on my face. Louis stopped laughing and covered his mouth to hide a huge smile. He nodded as though he realized this. I snickered at him and kept walking.

Louis looked down as he walked, obviously trying to hide his grin that was still plastered to his face. When he finally looked back up he stopped and just stood there. In the middle of the side walk, frozen. "Lou? Lou, what's up?" I said. Niall shook his shoulder but he didn't move. He just pointed up the walk a ways. About 20 feet ahead of us there was a girl. She had blonde hair that fluttered behind her in the breeze and she was wearing a teal dress with matching sandals. She had a Starbucks in her hand and she was walking straight toward us.

The girl looked perfect for Louis. As she got closer I noticed her milk chocolate brown eyes. The girl was very pretty, and maybe even the key to Louis forgetting about his feelings for me.

Louis' POV

When I finally regained my ability to speak the girl was right in front of me. "Oh, hi! I'm Louis." I said to her, sticking my hand out for her to shake. She took my hand and nodded. "Yeah, you're in One Direction, right?" She asked. I nodded in response. "Cool. Oh, I'm Hayley by the way." she said. Hayley. What a beautiful name. This girl was perfect and I knew I had to make her mine. "Well, nice to meet you Hayley. We were just heading to our hotel. Would you like to join us?" I asked her. Her smile dimmed. "I would love to, but I can't. I actually have to meet my friend. But we could maybe meet up later?" she asked, smiling again. I nodded. "Do you mind if the other guys come too? You could bring some friends too. It will be fun!" I said, getting excited. "Sure, sounds great. Here," she said, handing me her phone. "Put your number in and I'll call you when I'm ready." I put my number into her phone and handed it back. "Cool, see you tonight?" she said. "You will." I said, smiling back at her. 

As she walked away I couldn't stop smiling. She was gorgeous and I couldn't help but imagine a future with her. Not to mention she seemed very nice.


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