Last First Kiss - A Niall Horan Love Story

I danced over to Niall, grabbing his shoulders as he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his torso as I giggled and leaned in to kiss him. He pressed his soft lips to mine and I instantly felt the spark. It was as if I could open my eyes and see the fireworks. As I pulled away I stared into his glowing blue orbs. "Niall, I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too, Adrienne. More than you could ever imagine." he said, sounding as if he had put all his feelings into those few words. I rested my forehead on his, draping my arms around his neck. He smiled and I returned the action as I leaned in and pressed my lips to his once again. Everything around us stopped and we were no longer out with our friends. It was just us and the rain. It was passion in it's best form.


4. I Don't Like Toy Story

Niall's POV

We walked in the room to see Louis, Liam, and Zayn sitting on the couch. Louis and Liam both had controllers in their hands, each of them trying to knock them out of each other's hands. They were staring at the television playing FIFA. A buzzer sounded from the television and Louis shot off the couch and started yelling. "Yeah! The Tommo ladies and gentlemen!" he shouted, spinning around doing some sort of crazy happy dance. Adrienne giggled and Liam turned toward us. 

When he saw the girls he stood up, walking over to them. Aliyah's face was flushed again and she had a permanent grin on her face. Liam stood in front of her and stuck out his hand. She placed her hand in his and he lifted it to his lips, kissing it gently. "Hello, love. I'm Liam." he said. She giggled again and Harry chuckled at her. Adrienne looked up at me, her eyes glazed over as if she still couldn't believe I was standing there.

Aliyah told Liam who she was, barely able to say her own name. He smiled back at her, "What a gorgeous name." he said. Harry turned to the rest of the boys. "We met these lovely ladies in the hall and we asked them to come hang with us. Is that cool with you guys?" he asked them, a cheeky grin on his face. Louis skipped over to Adrienne and threw his arm around her. "It's cool with me." he said, looking down at her and winking. 

I don't know why but that made me a little jealous. I don't know what my problem was though. I had just met this girl. It's not like she would like me, I've only known her for about 10 minutes. She giggled at Louis and he led her over to the couch. Liam took Aliyah's hand and followed Louis to the couch. Harry sat down in the large chair and I took a seat on the second couch next to Zayn, who was asleep. I still don't understand how he can sleep so much. I mean I love to sleep but I couldn't do it all day.

Louis grabbed the remote and shut off FIFA turning the channel to the DVD player. "What do you girls wanna watch?" he asked the girls. Liam started to get excited. I could tell he wanted to watch Toy Story 3. Adrienne spoke up, "Well, how about Toy Story?" she said, looking at Liam. His smile grew bigger, if that was even possible and he nodded. "Alright then, Toy Story it is." Louis said. He pressed some buttons and the movie started. He put the remote down and wrapped his arms around Adrienne.

I don't know why I was getting so upset about this. Then the feeling inside me got stronger as she rested her head on his shoulder. I couldn't take it. I got up and walked to my room. I shut the door behind me laying down on the bed. About 10 second later my door opened. "Go away." I said to the person who opened the door. "Sorry, I'll leave." the voice said. It wasn't any of the boys and I shot up to see who it was. Adrienne stood there, an apologetic look on her face. 

"Wait, you can stay." I said to her. Her expression changed and she walked over to my bed, closing the door behind her. "Are you okay?" she asked me, sounding worried. I didn't want to tell her yet. I wanted to be her friend first so I wouldn't scare her off. "What? Yeah, I'm fine. I just needed a minute." I said. Even I could tell it was an excuse. She nodded. "Oh." she said. I could tell she didn't believe me. She scooted closer to me on the bed and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug.

I hugged her back tightly then let her go. I looked at her, confused. "Why did you do that?" I asked her. 

"Are you going to tell me why you came in here? The real reason." she said, unsatisfied with my previous answer. I nodded, looking back at her worried she might leave. I could't handle it if she left. "I-I, um." I tired to speak but the words I wanted to say wouldn't come out. I couldn't bring myself to say them. "I don't like Toy Story." I said, lying. It wasn't what I wanted to tell her but it would have to do for now.

She pulled back, gasping and placing a hand on her heart. "No?" she said, sounding offended. I could tell she was kidding. I nodded even though I actually did like Toy Story. Obviously not as much as Liam but I did like it. She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed. "C'mon. It's only an hour." she said and dragged me out to the television area. I sat down on the couch with Zayn who woke up a few minutes ago when the movie started. Adrienne walked past Louis and winked at him, then she sat down next to me. I put my arm on the couch behind her and she laid her head on my shoulder. Louis tried to look hurt.

"Okay, I see how it is." he said, pretending to cry but failing. He started giggling then pulled his head out of his hands and looked back at the television with a smile. Harry chuckled and Louis looked over at him. Harry put his hand up in defense. Louis then jumped off the couch and tackled Harry. They had a bit of a laughter fit then Louis got up, standing in front of Harry. "You are a cheeky one, Styles." he said. I'm sure what Harry did but I just dropped it. Liam was still staring intently at the screen, trying to concentrate on the movie. "Shhhhh!" he said, demanding quiet. Aliyah giggled and Liam wrapped his arm around her shoulders, her face turned red.

Adrienne got up and pulled Louis back on the couch. Louis turned around and started tickling Adrienne and she burst into a huge laughing fit.






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