Last First Kiss - A Niall Horan Love Story

I danced over to Niall, grabbing his shoulders as he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his torso as I giggled and leaned in to kiss him. He pressed his soft lips to mine and I instantly felt the spark. It was as if I could open my eyes and see the fireworks. As I pulled away I stared into his glowing blue orbs. "Niall, I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too, Adrienne. More than you could ever imagine." he said, sounding as if he had put all his feelings into those few words. I rested my forehead on his, draping my arms around his neck. He smiled and I returned the action as I leaned in and pressed my lips to his once again. Everything around us stopped and we were no longer out with our friends. It was just us and the rain. It was passion in it's best form.


12. Don't Get In Too Much Trouble

Niall's POV

After Hayley called later on we decided to head to the night club downtown. The boys went to get ready in their own rooms while me and Liam got ready in my room and Adrienne and Aliyah went and got ready in Liam's room. When we were all finished we went out and sat in the living room, waiting for Adrienne and Aliyah to finish. As we watched TV I heard a door open down the hall. I turned my head to find Adrienne and Aliyah standing there looking gorgeous.

Adrienne was wearing a teal see through top with a white tube top underneath, a tight black mini skirt, black stilettos, diamond stud earrings, her 1D infinity necklace, and a teal sparkly clutch.

Aliyah was wearing a black strapless mini dress, a salmon see through cropped tank top, lacy heels, a black bow with light pink polka dots (in her hair) , and a black and light pink shoulder bag. Liam and I stood up, looking at the girls. "You look gorgeous." Liam told them. They both thanked him.

Adrienne looked at me curiously. I was speechless, her outfit was amazing, and the way her lips were parted made her look flawless. She was perfection, an angel sent from heaven. I placed a hand on the side of her soft face. "Adrienne, you look gorgeous." I said, breathlessly. She smiled and hugged me. As she pulled away I touched my fingertips to her necklace. "I like this. Where did you get it?" I asked her. 

"I made it. In July 2010." she said, shying away from the fact that she could make jewelry and I thought it added to her amazing-ness. Giggling she walked over to Louis. He was wearing a navy button up shirt and dark red skinny jeans. She mussed about with his collar for a moment then fixed his suspenders. "Perfect." she said, stepping back and taking in the full image. She was obviously trying to make him look good for his 'date'. I knew she wanted him to get over her and I'm sure he did too.

When we got to the club about twenty minutes later we found Hayley waiting outside. Her and two other girls were standing in the line waiting for us. 

Louis' POV

As we stepped out of the car I scanned the line outside the club. There she was, Hayley was just down the line with 2 other girls. I jumped out of the car and walked over to the girls. "Hey Hayley!" I said. She turned to see me and smiled. She looked gorgeous.


She was wearing a strapless navy dress with white polka dots, white pumps and diamond jewelry. Okay, so it wasn't the typical club wear but I didn't care. She would look beautiful in anything. Especially this. "Hey Louis! It's great to see you!" she said. I nodded. "And you. Who are your friends?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation going and not just stare at her. 

She turned to her friends. "Oh, right. This is Camryn and Jessi. We work at the same modeling agency." she said. A model? That explains her stunning beauty. "Oh, cool. You know you girls don't have to wait in line." I told them. "We can get you in now." I added. The girls smiled. "Really?" Camryn asked. I nodded and led them to the bouncer. 

"Hey! You're One Direction." the guard said, he sounded kind of surprised. I nodded. "My daughters love you guys. Would you mind an autograph?" he asked. 

After me and the boys signed some things the bouncer let us all in and we found a table toward the back of the club. 

Harry's POV

When we sat down I slid in next to Camryn. She was pretty gorgeous, I'm not gonna lie. It was no surprise that she was a model. 

She was wearing a black mini dress with thin chains hanging from the neckline, black stilettos, two bows hanging loosely in her hair and she had a gold studded black clutch. 

I leaned in close to her. I felt her shiver as I asked her to dance. She nodded and we stood walking away from the table to the dance floor. "We're going to dance!" I shouted to everybody else over the music. They nodded and Niall, Adrienne, Zayn, and Jessi followed us to the dance floor. 

When we reached the floor we instantly started dancing. Camryn was fantastic and she definitely could move. I moved behind her and rested my hands on her hips. She tossed her head back against my shoulder and I leaned in, kissing her neck. She let out a small moan and shivered a little bit. Then she turned around, throwing her arms above her and grinding on me. I knew this would be a fun night.

Zayn's POV

When me and Jessie got to the floor we just went crazy. It was obvious that she loved to dance. She was moving, twisting, shaking all around the dance floor. She looked gorgeous. Her outfit wasn't typical club wear but I loved it. And it looked great on her. 

Her hot pink and black dyed crop top was tight and very flattering. She wore black shorts, hot pink boots and many bracelets. Her gorgeous blonde hair was dip dyed pink and her nails matched the rest of her outfit. She moved closer to me and grabbed my hands, placing them on her hips and moving against me. 

Niall's POV

"Niall?" Adrienne said. "Yeah? What's up?" I replied. She looked up at me with her big gorgeous green eyes. I tiny smile played on her lips. "What are you thinking?" I asked her suspiciously. She giggled. "Oh, nothing. Just about how much you should kiss me right now." She said, smiling up at me. I grinned and leaned down into her.

Our lips moved in perfect synchronization and her hand glided up my back. She slid them back down and back up again under my shirt. Her hands were so soft and her kiss was so sweet. I let out a groan and she laughed. "Are you having fun?" she said, pulling away and winking at me. I nodded, kissing her again. This might was perfect and I never wanted it to end. 

As we began to kiss again I felt a larger hand on my shoulder. I jumped, turning around to see Louis and Hayley standing there. "Don't get in too much trouble you two." he said, smiling before moving away to dance with Hayley. I wasn't going to make any promises about the "not too much trouble thing". Adrienne grinned at me as she moved in for more. I really did love her, that's for sure.

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