Last First Kiss - A Niall Horan Love Story

I danced over to Niall, grabbing his shoulders as he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his torso as I giggled and leaned in to kiss him. He pressed his soft lips to mine and I instantly felt the spark. It was as if I could open my eyes and see the fireworks. As I pulled away I stared into his glowing blue orbs. "Niall, I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too, Adrienne. More than you could ever imagine." he said, sounding as if he had put all his feelings into those few words. I rested my forehead on his, draping my arms around his neck. He smiled and I returned the action as I leaned in and pressed my lips to his once again. Everything around us stopped and we were no longer out with our friends. It was just us and the rain. It was passion in it's best form.


16. Clouded Judgement and Tear Streaked Faces

Louis' POV

Why did I do that? Now she's gone, I can do nothing about it. How could I be so stupid. I buried my face in my hands. Then I heard my bedroom door open. I looked up and saw Adrienne standing there. She looked upset but worried at the same time. She moved over toward me and sat on the edge of my bed. "Louis?" she said, placing her hand against my cheek and lifting my face to meet her eyes. "Louis, why did you do that? You knew where it would get you, right?" she asked me. I nodded, loooking deep into her shining hazel/green eyes. Why had  I done this?

She rubbed my temple with her thumb, keeping her palm placed against my cheek. Her skin was warm, but soothing in the same way. I glanced at all her facial features, taking in her gorgeousness. I couldn't believe I had screwed everything up this way. I had lost two beautiful, amazing girls; all over pure stupidity. I couldn't believe myself. I returned Adrienne's action and put my hand on her cheek. Then I did a terrible thing. I leaned in and did what got me in this stupid situation in the first place.

I kissed her, again.

But she didn't push me away, she just kissed me back. She wrapped her arms around me and ran her fingers through my hair, gliding her hands down my back. We sat there like this for a little bit. Just kissing.

I knew it was wrong and I'm sure she knew it was wrong, but it didn't even phase us. Which was very bad. Niall is one of my best friends, how could I do this to him? I didn't know why this was going on, still!  We pulled apart and Adrienne looked at me, deep into my eyes. I could tell she was upset with herself. I didn't need any confirmation of that. But I got one anyways when tears began to roll down her face.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to my chest. "Hey, hey. Don't cry. It's okay." I said, trying to comfort her. She pulled away from me and stood up off the bed. "No, Louis! It's not okay. I love Niall, more than anything in the world! We both know that and this cannot happen anymore. Seriously!" she said, saying it just loud enough to be shouting but not quite loud enough for everyone in the living room to hear.

She let out a sigh and sunk to the floor. Sitting down and pulling her knees close to her chest. "Look, Louis. You know I love you, you're my best guy friend. But my feelings will always be strongest for Niall. I mean, it sounds crazy but I see myself marrying him. I know, I know we've only been together for a short, short time but it's true. I can imagine spending the rest of my life with him." she said, looking up at me. I shook my head.

"I know what I've done is wrong and Niall is one of my best friends. But, Adrienne, I don't know if I can get over you. I'm sorry, I just don't think that's possible. I- I," I paused, not knowing how my next words would affect her. "I love you, Adrienne." I said.

Her eyes widened and she got to her feet. She looked at me, as if I had just told her that her cat died and then laughed about it. Was it really that bad I loved her, it's not like I wanted to murder her. Why was it such a bad thing to hear?

Niall's POV

Adrienne came out of Louis' room a few minutes later. I started to get worried because I saw that she had marks on her face, almost as if she'd been crying. I understood why she would have been crying. Her and Louis' conversation had to be some what deep and intense. But it felt like the right thing to do to ask if she was alright. I stood up off the couch and took Adrienne's hand before she could sit. I led her down the hallway to my room and sat her on the bed.

"Hey, so how did it go?" I asked her. She looked up into my eyes as she began to cry again. I knew what had happened. "He kissed you didn't he?" I asked her, trying not to sound to disappointed or angry, even though Iwas upset about it. She shook her head, opening her mouth as if she was about to speak. But instead of words coming out of her mouth, just a quiet sob came out as more tears streaked her cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me. I rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head as she cried into my shoulder.

She pulled away from me and stared down at her lap. The tears slowed as she try to regain her composure. "Adrienne, what happened?" I asked her, genuinely worried what could have happened with her and Louis. She glanced up at me then returned her gaze to the floor. She mumbled something I couldn't quite understand so I asked her again. "I kissed him." she said, not much louder than before but it was loud enough. I heard her very clearly.

I shrunk away from her and closed my eyes. It was something that I hadn't exactly expected her to say. Many things came to my mind when I asked her what happened but for some reason, I hadn't thought about that. "Wha- Why did you kiss him?" I asked her. Now I was the one staring at the floor. "I don't know what was going through my head. Niall, I am so sorry. I have no logical explanation for what I did. Maybe it was just me feeling bad for him or the moment. I don't know. But you have to know how sorry I am about this." she said. I shook my head. This was the second time something had happened between them.

I wasn't sure how much longer I could take the confusion of who she wanted to be with. First she lets him kiss her then not two days later she kisses him. It's too much for me. "I can't do this." I mumbled. I felt her shrink back with disappointment. I stood up and turned to her. "Adrienne, I'm sorry but I can't handle you not knowing who you want to be with. You can't have me then go and kiss him whenever you feel like." I paused as tears began to fall from her gorgeous eyes. It killed me to see her like this, but she wasn't the only person that could get hurt in this situation. Me and Louis were involved too, and I wasn't going to be hurt by something that I had no control over. The only feelings that were going to hurt me were my own. So I guess I lost no matter what I decided to do right now.

Whether I left now and dropped our relationship or stayed and was tormented by her indecisiveness, I would get hurt either way. But which would hurt more?

"I'm sorry, Adrienne. But I'm not going through this anymore. I don't think I can be with you. Not when you're confused about who you love." I told her.

"No, Niall! I love you! You and only you, what hapopened with Louis was a mistake. I promise you." She stood to meet me and came close up to me. "I love you, Niall Horan. Only you." she finished. I sighed, opening the door and walking away.

What's done was done, and there was nothing to do about it now.


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