Forget Me Nots

Amber is just an average teenage girl; addicted to the internet, a hopeless romantic, and in love with One Direction. She always dreamed to be in a relationship with one of those perfect boys. She would never have guess that that dream would not only come true, but slowly turn into a nightmare.


1. Prolouge

Being just an average teenage girl can be hard. Make that REALLY hard. But when you add a boy to that, it gets so much worse. So what could we possibly add to that concoction of awkwardness and hormones to make life harder? Try having that boy be in the #1 British boy band in the world. Thats right, One Direction. Every directioner's dream right? I guess you could say that but in all honesty, its the hardest thing I've ever had to do (I know all of you sickos just thought of it so here you go "thats what she said" dirty minded freaks jk love you)

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