Forget Me Nots

Amber is just an average teenage girl; addicted to the internet, a hopeless romantic, and in love with One Direction. She always dreamed to be in a relationship with one of those perfect boys. She would never have guess that that dream would not only come true, but slowly turn into a nightmare.


2. A Chance Encounter

 "Uhhg! How much longer do we have to stand in this line?" Brittany complained.

" I'm not sure but I don't think that much longer. I can't believe this is really going to happen! We are going to be eye to eye with One Direction!!!!" I said back. We then proceeded to fangirl for about 10 more minutes, when we finally got to the point where we could either continue our freak show, or put on a serious face and try to not make the boys look at us and go, "This is why we have Paul." Come on we all know it's true. We decide to go with the second option. Then before we knew it we were directly infront of them. First giving my CD to Zayn, then Louis, Niall, and Liam.

"Hi Harry", I said looking down. I knew that if I was to look up and even catch a glimpse of those green eyes, who know what would happen. 

"Why so shy beautiful?", he said in his famous raspy and deep, yet smooth and flowing voice. I looked up, "Oh no! What am I gonna say?! What am I gonna do?! I can't even....!!!!" Thoughts pounding into every corner of my brain, heart and mind both racing as if to see who would give up first.

"H-Hi Harry." , was all that came out. He quickly wrote one last thing down on my CD. Handing it to me with a wink, what a flirt.

It said, "I wonder if you can say anything else, Love Hazza <3" and it then listed his cell phone number. I showed Brittany and of course we both fangirled so hard if we recorded it, we could have given it to Animals Gone Wild.

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