one direction imagines/preferences

Just write your name,eye color,hair color,and the boy you want.preferences will be thrown in here and there.
I'll be taking requests .


4. Zayn imagine for Zoe

Zoes pov

i was sitting in a circle with my 5 bestfriends with their gf's.ive always had a bit of a crush on zayn,one of my closes friend throughtout the was louis turn to truth or dare someone and that someone was me.louis has always known about make crush on zayn an even if i said truth he would have asked something bout zayn so i just went with a dare."i dare you and zayn to share a smooch"louis teased i started blushing looking at zayn and seeing that his face had a rosey red color on.we both leaned in meeting eachothers lips,sparks instinly flying the zoo going crazy in my stomach instead of and zayn pulled backwhen liam cleares his throat suggesting a movie.when we got up zayn ask if i could stay back and talk,i quikly accepting.when i was about to start the convosation i felt zayns lips on mine again.zayn pulled back looking blushed."ive alway had a fancy for you zoe,and it really okay if you dont feel the same way but will you like to go out sometime?"i pulled him into my embrace giving him a solf peck on the lips."im guessing thats a yes?" zayn said slightly laughing."thats is defenitly a yes" i replyed.

*srry its short i still have some school work i have to get done ilk try to make it up to u soon*

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