one direction imagines/preferences

Just write your name,eye color,hair color,and the boy you want.preferences will be thrown in here and there.
I'll be taking requests .


1. preference #1 - something he loves about you

Zayn : he loves the way you are just like can be all wild and free then when you need or want to,you can be as deep as him.

Harry : he loves when you talk in your sleep.he loves how he knows what you dream about.he loves who you dream of him at times.

Niall :  Niall love how care free you are.he likes how he can joke with you and you wont take it to seriously.

Liam : Liam loves your laugh the times telling extremly corny jokes just to see the way your smile reaches your eyes.they way you smile gets him everytime.

Louis : He loves how down to earth you are with him.he likes that you wont treat him differently than everyone else.



*Hope you enjoyed X{D*

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