one direction imagines/preferences

Just write your name,eye color,hair color,and the boy you want.preferences will be thrown in here and there.
I'll be taking requests .


2. Niall imagine for Lily


Lilly's Pov

"NIALL,S-S-STOP" i yell between laughter as my bestfriend Niall started poking his fingers into my sides.Niall was curently trying to tickel me to death trying to make me laugh and talk to him because i was giving him the silent treatment for calling my favorite actor,and i qoute "He's not really a good actor". I know its not something to be mad about but i love the way he looks when he helplessly wants to make me smile.he had stoped for just a cupple seconds looking into my eyes,then to my lips,then back into my eyes slowly leaning in.

Niall's Pov

I loved the way she just lights up the room.i looked deep into her beautiful light ocean blue eyes leaning in slowly so we were only centimeters away from eachothers lip.Me, Niall horan is going to kiss my bestfriend,the girl i've always had a bit of a crush on...ok not a bit i've had a BIG crush on,but u cant blame me shes just herself,she's just beautiful in her own way.

And thats when i did it.i pushed my lips on top of hers,and to my surprise she kissed back!Me and Lily bothed pulled away from our amazing,no words to describe kiss.todays the day that i tell Lily how i feel.make her mine."i've kinda had a crush on you for a while now,and if you dont feel the same way i hope we can still stay friends,but,um...would you go on a date with me?"i asked nervously rubbing the back of neck,thats when it happened.she kissed me again."i would love to go on a date withyou,Niall"she said pulling away from the kiss


The rest is history about how me and my fiance Lily are living happily ever after in our own little fairytale.

*chessy ending but aleast i tried right?*

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