one direction imagines/preferences

Just write your name,eye color,hair color,and the boy you want.preferences will be thrown in here and there.
I'll be taking requests .


3. Liam Imagine for Cindy

Cindys pov

Me and Liam,my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years were curently walking through the park,hands perfectly entwined.He was acting really strange for a few days now.i started hearing light music in the distance and liam's hand getting i was really wondering what he was up to knowing that this is not really going to be a simple date.

Liams pov

I was exreamly nervous as me and my long time girlfriend Lily walked closer an closer to were i was planning to do it.propose to the love of my i started to hear the solf sound of a violin play,my hands startedto get sweaty knowing that she might have scenced it.

Cindys pov

i couldnt believe it,it was the most gorgeous sight i've seen yet.Liam had set a romantic dinner in the park for me.we sat at the picnic table with a white cloth and rose peddles on it.there was my favorite food sat on two plates on each and liam talked and laughed enjoying eachothers company like anyone of our so perfect dates.we both got up to head home,the time almost turning to midnight,but when i got up liam graved onto my hand pulling me back to look at me.he looked me deep into my hazel eye different from his dark brown ones and told me "i was just falling deeply and completely inlove with you,but all i know is that i want you in my life for now and forever." he got own on one knee saying "will you marry me?" i shook me head yes.liam spun me around and gave me a loving kiss.

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