Hazza's Girl

This is about a girl who is named Hannah. She gets bullied at school and she comes home to her abusive father. She is always doing chores or getting beaten. But one day she runs away and bumps into the one and only Harry Styles.


3. Well hello there

Harry's POV

I woke up because Louis was snoring so loud. " Oh geez".  I mumbled. "Im starving". I got up but tripped over Niall and fell onto Liam and Zayn. "Oh nugget ballz." I laughed. "Well now everyones up?" i said.

Hannah's POV

"Ow." I said.  I had a huge head ache. And my arm was hurting and it was all red and purple.  I realized I got away! But then i was in someones front yard. "Ow". I was losing alot of blood. I blacked out again. 

Harry's POV

"Im gonna go get the mail." I yelled to the boys.

I saw something.. I got closer and it was a beautiful girl.

She looked my age. I noticed there was alot of blood around her head. And she was so skinny and all brusied up. I yelled for the boys to come see this.

Nialls POV

I heard Harry calling us to the front yard. We all rushed there and there was a beautiful girl there. Something about her made me get butterflies. I realized this girl needed help. There was alot of blood and her arm looked in bad comndition. She looked lost of something. She had alot of brusied as well.

Louis' POV

I heard Harry shouting something. But all the boys went out there but I just stayed cause i was just lazy. "LOUIS GET OUT HERE QUICK!" I heard Harry yell. I knew there was something not right. When i got to the front yard i was a girl. She looked like she just got out of a fight or something.  She was knocked out or something..





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