Hazza's Girl

This is about a girl who is named Hannah. She gets bullied at school and she comes home to her abusive father. She is always doing chores or getting beaten. But one day she runs away and bumps into the one and only Harry Styles.


2. Running away


Hannah's POV

Today at school was rough. I've had enough with everything.

Im so tierd of hiding my brusies and cuts. I think this is the night. I took a deep breath. "I can do this." I slowly went down stairs and went to my dads room. I stole his wallet and a few change I saw laying around. Then, I heard my dad walk in the door drunk. I panicked. "Omg, he's home." I just jammed everything into my jacket.

Dad's POV

"HANNAH WHERE ARE YOU??" I yelled. No reply. "I'll 

find you and i'll lock you in the basement!!" i yelled again.

Just then I saw her creeping out of my room. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I yelled.  

Hannah's POV

I was scared to death! I didnt know what to do. So i just sprinted to my room. I locked the door. And grabbed my bag from under the bed. " I cant believe im actually doing it!"

I quickly jumped out the window and landed on my arm. " OW!"

I croaked. I heard my dad cuss out some things i could'nt  make out. I ran and ran and ran. I blacked out on someones lawn. all i remember is falling and hitting my head.




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