Forgot To Laugh

Kristen is a normal 9th grader until her world is flipped upside down by her favorite boy band coming to school. In this story there is some romance between the boys, Kristen, and her 4 best friends. Imagine going on tour with your One Direction boyfriend.


2. The Boys

      "Did you seriously see that or was i going looney again?" I ask Chelsee


    "Nope, I saw it, them, perfection!" Chelsee Responds


     As I and Chelsee were whispering someone bumped into my chair.


    "Whoa watch it" yells Chelsee turning around


       It was Harry Styles. The only Harry Styles. The Harry with the Styles. Son of Anne and Dez.


    I stand up looking into his emerald eyes


     "Sorry about Chels" I say "She's a bit crazy'


     Harry smirks and nods at me.

    "See you around?"

      "Of course" I respond trying not to scream.


     "WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!" I nearly rip off Chelsee's head. "THAT WAS HARRY STYLES H-A-R-R-Y S-T-Y-L-E-S"


    "I know, I know" Chelsee says while squinting at me "I noticed that"



      I hear a voice calling. It was Rebecca, Molly, and Jillian


    I turn around and motion for them to come over.


     "You will not believe this" I nearly scream "One Direction is in our school."


   "You're kidding" says Jillian giving me her 'look'


      "Nope," I say pointing to the table across the room. "Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan"


    Rebecca nearly faints as Liam walks over.




*****AUTHORS NOTE*****


Sorry I left you guys hanging! Some cool things happen next chapter *Not recommended for people under 14* Chapter 3 is going to be very long. So watch out! *HINT* Chapter 3 has a bit of romance between Kristen and Harry.

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