Forgot To Laugh

Kristen is a normal 9th grader until her world is flipped upside down by her favorite boy band coming to school. In this story there is some romance between the boys, Kristen, and her 4 best friends. Imagine going on tour with your One Direction boyfriend.


3. He likes me?

     "Liam is coming this way!!!" whispered Rebecca to me.


    Liam walks by with his tray full of garbage, he looks back at Rebecca with a smile and winks. Next comes Zayn, same progress, except he winked at Chelsee, Next Louis, but he winked at Jillian, Niall came and winked at Molly. But Harry did something different. He walked up to me. Straight up to me and kissed my cheek.


  Dear Diary,

      OH MY GOD! I nearly fainted when Harry Styles. The only Harry Styles kissed me. I think this means something. Does he like me? Will he kiss me again? I hope so!



I was walking past the janitors closet when something, someone pulled me in. I couldn't quite make out who it was but once he kissed me I knew at once. Harry.


   "uhh, Harry?" I asked "What are you doing?"


   "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry" Said Harry.


  I could make out by his breathing he was almost in tears


    "Aww baby, don't cry" I say ruffling his hair.


   The bell rang (shoot!)


   "Cya at lunch" Harry said kissing me on the cheek

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