Forgot To Laugh

Kristen is a normal 9th grader until her world is flipped upside down by her favorite boy band coming to school. In this story there is some romance between the boys, Kristen, and her 4 best friends. Imagine going on tour with your One Direction boyfriend.


1. First Day At West California High School

       "I can't believe we're in 9th grade already Chels!" I said in a happy sort of way


     "I know right! I feel like yesterday we were sitting next together in 4th grade" laughs Chelsee


      "What did you guys do all summer?" Asks Rebecca butting in


      "Oh you know, drooled over One Direction, went to the beach. Same old, same old." I remarked.


           Just then and there my life changed forever. I saw the 5 hottest people in the world walk into MY school.


       "Kristen?! KRISTEN??!!" Yells Chelsee "What the heck are you looking a-"        


      Chelsee started tapping my shoulder hinting me that she knows. She saw what I saw. For once, she got me.






     "Sorry" Whispers Chelsee




*****AUTHORS NOTE*******

Sorry for the short chapter! :( I ran out of time it gets better. don't worry! I can't wait for you to see the rest/

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