It Was Just a Game That Came True

It was just a game my best friend Jamie and I were playing 5 months ago. Now everything happened but not in a happy fun way but in a bad and scary way. Jamie and I were taking a walk when it all happened, it felt like someone was following us. So we turned around and nothing was there. After a few minutes I had something over my head and my hands and feet were tied together. Who were these people that kidnapped Autumn and Jamie?? And was it a good thing? Could it change their lives in a good or bad way? Read to find out how it all happened.


13. The Convo

Louis's POV:

Autumn and I were cuddling when a knock on my bedroom door made us jump. I got up and went to the door. It was Harry.

"Can we talk in private, please?" Harry asked.

"Sure, Mate." I said, "Be right back, love." I kissed Autumn and walked out with Harry.

"What would you like Harry? I was having a moment with Autumn right there!!" I said pissed sort of.

"Sorry I wanted to tell you something really important.."

"And.. what is it??"

"I want to let Jamie out and thennn after a few days maybe ask her out."

"Noo you cant do that I know Zayn loves her that's why you know... Zayn would kill you!!"

"I don't care I love Jamie she's so beautiful."

"Whatever, man. DIE!!" and after I went back into the room with Autumn.

"What was that about??" Autumn asked.

"Oh nothing haha you know Harry making no sense!!" I said. Autumn laughed as well.

"Boi I know Harry didn't say anything that made no sense!! Now spilllllllll!!"

"Ugh fine! Harry wants to ask out Jamie.. I told him not to but hes going to anyways."

"Oh my god I cant believe this I'm not allowing thisss!!"

Autumn walked off. "GOOD DAY LOUIS IM GOING TO FIND JAMIE AND YOUR GONNA HAVE TO KILL ME IF YOU WANT TO STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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